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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day. (:

Valentine's day went really well for me yesterday. Of course there were things that would have been wonderful that didn't happen, but for what did happen, it was amazing. Samuel and I went to The Old Gas House for dinner, which is like a little ritual we do since we started dating. And then after being there for over an hour, slowly enjoying our huge meal, we went of to DeBrands and had a little sundae for dessert. It was absolutely amazing. What did I get for Valentine's Day? Samuel bought a certificate so I can get a huge canvas print of our dogs, which I have been wanting for quite a while now. I love it! I can't wait. (: 

And on the note of the engagement ring contest, we didn't win. But that's okay. A couple, Tasha & Kyle won. They were cute so I'm okay with that. I know that somehow makes me sound like a really crappy person. By not winning though, we can pick out our own engagement ring, or he can, and hopefully it'll turn out perfect. (: 

Other then all that, I'm extremely bored today. I've got tons and tons of laundry to do. And then I've also got to icing some sugar cookies that I made yesterday. And yes, homemade icing is what I'm using, it is always the best. (: 

On a sad note, I bit off all my nails. Stupid anxiety from classes and work. Oh well, I've got crappy nails anyway, I'm used to it. lol Well I know today has a super short post, but oh well. I have nothing else to speak about. Maybe I'll hop on later and have more to tell. (: 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Engagement Contest, HELP!!

Hello fellow bloggers! 
I don't really know HOW many readers I have... 
but if you happen to run across my blog, please help! 

My boyfriend and I are in a contest to win an engagement ring work $2,900! 
It would help us out so much! All you have to do is click on the link below, and then "Like" the photo. 
Please and thank you so much again! 
It means the world to us! 

Engagement Ring Contest