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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mac Book Air.

Whoa. Just... whoa. 

Today I switched over to Mac from PC. And it's quite interesting to learn. When I was about 13 I had my Mom's old Mac Laptop that was an old work computer of hers... lets just say if you saw it now you wouldn't know what it was. Anyway, I haven't had a Mac since, it's been all about the PC and I've thoroughly enjoyed them. There was no major reason for switching, other then getting a really great deal. 

Right now this Air was on sale at one of the local big box places in my town, and on top of it being on sale since I am a student I also received $100 off instantly.... big plus in my opinion! My wallet was happy with that. Not to mention I'm going to be starting my internship at the end of the month and I was really wanting something MUCH lighter then the huge 17" laptop that I was carrying around that I had received as a graduation present from High School. That reliable lady still works, which is coming in handy for saving all my bookmarked pages and transferring over all my pictures.

On top of trying to switch everything over I'm also debating whether or not to start on my "homework" that is due... tomorrow. But, all else fails and I don't get to it tonight I can just work on it tomorrow during the day before I head to class. Yay for night classes! 

Sorry about this pathetic little update. Once I've got everything caught up and transferred over I'm going to have to make a much longer update about my life. Nothing major has happened thus far, which can either be good or bad. 

One update, this past weekend my mother and I went to a family wedding. My cousin Molly got married, big shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Veenhoven. (I hope I spelled that right.) It was a beautiful ceremony and both bride and groom looked so happy the entire time. It was great. :) 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Update.

I really shouldn't commit to doing these blog posts on a regular schedule. If there is anything I have learned from past experiences, is that I get way too busy to be a regular blog poster. From now on, I will post when I can post... because being a Graduate Student, or any type of Student at the college level, is hard enough on it's own.

I'm over my first semester of grad school, and I've got to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. I was definitely tested during my first semester through one of my classes. I really despise research classes. It's something that I really do not want to do in my future. I will not ever research something that I do not find interesting. It really isn't worth my time. I will do this through school because I am made to, however I do not plan on doing this in my career in the future. At least, I pray I do not have to. If I do... I will be screwed. 

So far this semester only one class has been testing my abilities as a future counselor, however, I have to keep reminding myself that this is only my second semester as a grad student and I should not expect myself to be an expert already... even though it seems like I am the only inexperienced person with counseling in my class. Almost every single person in the class with me is already in the field, which definitely causes some insecurities within my head. However, I am a great will minded person, and I do not give up, so I will proceed! Hopefully.... I mean, I will! 

On a happier note, I am fully enjoying my two other classes, which is odd because I really thought the class that I am having difficulties would be my favorite, and the other two I would have difficulties in... the world works in mysterious ways doesn't it? I do have to interview a professional in my field, which I am trying to set up now even though the paper over the interview is not due until almost the end of this semester, which is in April. I just like to stay on top of things, that way I can prevent future stress from taking over. Stress = no good. If you didn't already know that. ;) 

So, I have a list of things I need to accomplish for school before February 27th. I need to do a take home test, write a one page paper, video record a counseling session between myself and another classmate, write a verbatim sheet on everything that was said, and then also make sure the video is perfect for the classroom viewing, and... I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Seem's like a lot on my plate, but I've got a few days and everything is scheduled so I have faith in myself that I can get everything done. :) 

Why do I need to get all that done by the 27th of February you ask? Well, because starting March 2nd  (the following week) my husband and I are going to be taking a vacation with my mother and sister. We will be traveling to Myrtle Beach for a week long stay in a Resort Condo! We're all extremely excited about this, even though the weather isn't going to be the hottest. I'd actual prefer a little cooler beachy vacation then a sweaty hot nasty one. I'm not a fan of overly hot weather. My allergies tend to act up, which puts a damper on EVERYTHING. Any who, we're going to be driving across to South Carolina. I'm so excited to drive through NC and SC on the way. Since we want to eventually move to one of those states, it's going to be nice to see how the weather stands up, and the scenery. 

Speaking of weather, this winter has really taken a beating to really all of the states! Here in Indiana it's been especially brutal. Lets just say, I'm ready for the 5 foot snow piles lining my driveway and streets to melt away!! I don't remember what green grass looks like! It's quite sad. I've even caught myself getting excited for days where it gets up to 20 degrees, which is pathetic! We've been stuck around the negatives with this "Polar Vortex" hitting us day after day, but I think we're going to start breaking out of it! It's currently 26 degrees outside... at 10:51pm.... so that's a good sign!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for warmer weather! Not too warm though... remember, I don't like excessive heat! I'd be happy with no higher then 80 degrees. :)

And this has been another Wild Whisper, just for you.