Beneath the make-up and behind the smile, I'm just a girl who wishes for the world.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monkey Cake.

Basically, it comes down to this. Monkey Cake. 

Earlier this morning I woke up, grabbed my phone, and strolled Facebook. I do this every morning before I get out of bed. Helps me wake up. I don't know why, but after creeping on my friends and family through my news feed, I'm wide awake to start my day. Well this morning, something special popped up. One of my Aunts had posted a picture of Monkey Cake, which my Grandmother used to make all the time. Seeing this definitely made me hungry for it, so the first thing I did (after of course using the facilities and taking my allergy medicine for the day) was walk into the kitchen and pull everything out to make it! (I could remember making this in early mornings with my Mother and my Grandmother. As I made it the memories definitely came floating in, which I love.)

I whipped out my Bundt Pan and sprayed it down with non-stick spray, greased that baby right up. Then I pulled my biscuits out of the fridge. I braved up for the next part of unwrapping the paper and having it pop in my own hands. Always makes me jump and I typically make Sam do it, but this time I was making this as a surprise so I suffered through it on my own. After popping them open I grabbed my bag of sugar and cinnamon mixture and started cutting the biscuits in quarters, dropping them into the bag to be shook around until there was a generous amount of the sugary mixture coating the biscuit pieces. (I typically only throw in 8 pieces at a time to get evenly coated = two biscuits cut up.) After throwing those into the bundt pan and then repeating the process until they were all done, I pulled out a small sauce pot and plopped it on our stove top.  turned it up on high and once my sugar & butter were melted, I poured the mixture all over the top of my biscuits in the bundt pan. For about 45 minutes I had to wait for that yummy dish to come out of the oven, but once it did it was glorious. Luckily, our large plate was clean so I could immediately turn it over and lift off the metal bundt pan from the blue serving plate, leaving the sugary Monkey Cake ready for eating. (I wouldn't advise eating it right away, it's quite hot.) 

I did have some extra icing from some cinnamon rolls in our fridge so I pulled that out to drizzle on top, but if you don't want to add anymore sugar then there already is inside the dessert/breakfast then you can leave it out. 

I'll add in the specific recipe so you can enjoy this amazing Monkey Cake too! 

Enjoy, and happy baking! (: 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh, hello again.

...Update Begin...

It's been quite a while since I've updated this blog. And really, I don't have a very good excuse. My life hasn't been terribly busy like I thought it would be. However, it's about to be. I think... 

My last year of undergrad is going well. My first semester is about over, I've only got the rest of November and the first week of December. Speaking of December, I can't believe it's almost DECEMBER! It's almost Christmas, and I can't believe it. However, I can believe the stupid Christmas Music that is already playing throughout the stores around town. I find this quite ridiculous, even though I do enjoy Christmas Music. It's not even THANKSGIVING yet. That's still another 2 weeks away basically. Once Thanksgiving comes and passes though, best believe this girl will be decorating the CRAP out of her new house.

Which, by the way, I have my own house now! Samuel and I had the great opportunity to get out of the renting business and purchase a place to call our own. It's not the biggest place in the world, but the almost 1300 sqft are definitely nice. It's a quaint 3 bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath home. It was a flipper house, so almost everything was redone. The kitchen is our favorite update. Once we walked into the kitchen we couldn't pass it up. Thankfully our offer was accepted and we moved in! Just in time too. So definitely we have a lot of decorating to do, and I'm so excited for it! 

So, going back to school. Like I said, it's going well and it's almost over. I'm taking 6 classes this semester, and then 5 next. (It's not as much as you think. I'll explain.) The way my first semester is set up, I only have 1 on-campus class and then 5 online classes. Luckily through my school, all online classes last 5 weeks only. Since I am an undergrad student I can only take 2 classes per "session". We don't call them quarters, we call them sessions if that gives you a better idea about it. (AKA 4 "sessions" a semester.) Well I took two classes in the first session, which are over. I'm almost done with my only session two class which is awesome. Then starting towards the end of November I'll start two more classes in the session 3 section. All the while I'm taking these classes I'm taking the constant on-campus class. So, technically the most classes I'm concentrating on at once is 3. Not too shabby.

Since school isn't taking up too much of my time, I am left with work. Well, that's about to take a huge change. In April I had joined the Claire's team here in Fort Wayne at the Glenbrook mall. It's been really great working there. I love everyone I work with and I would do just about anything for them; however, I have just received a job opportunity that I can't refuse. On Tuesday, October 29th I interviewed for a position at Lincoln Financial here in Fort Wayne. That Friday they called me and offered me the position! It's not something people always dream of, working in a Call Center. But I won't be calling people thankfully and trying to sell them items, I'll be receiving the phone calls and trying my best to answer their questions about their accounts. The amount of pay is almost double what I am making at Claire's so that made it that much easier to leave. I'll be working full-time, 40 hours a week, plus possible overtime. Once I start on December 3rd, I have a feeling I'm going to feel how much less time I have than I do now. Looks like I'm going to have to pull some deep power out of myself and push through the work week. I'll definitely enjoy my weekends off though! 

....Update Complete.... 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Look who is a new homeowner! This girl.

I'm pretty excited about it. We're all moved in and it's getting put together pretty well. The guest room is done and completely finished. Luckily we don't need to paint in there. The office needs a LOT of work. It's temporarily our storage room. The master is up and doing pretty good, except it still needs painted. Same for the family room. The kitchen is in the same boat, all it needs is paint. Once everything gets unpacked, we'll definitely start painting and get some things done and comfortable. 

Other then that, school has gone pretty well. I'm staying caught up on everything, which is always a good thing. My only on-campus class got cancelled for tomorrow, which is nice! Yay! Now just to get all my online course work done for the week before the week is over. I can do this, I can do this. 

And then for once, I really don't need to think about wedding stuff at all. :) 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


As my title has spoken, I am a bit overwhelmed. But, it's in a good way. If there is such a way to be. 

In a couple days, I move yet again. Samuel and I have bought out first home together. It's really a magically and exciting time. It's a huge step in our relationship, prior then to becoming one in marriage which will be happening in June of this upcoming year. The house isn't huge, but it is a bit bigger then our current apartment. The house has 3 bedrooms, one large master with a walk-in closet that I am happy to have. It only has a full bath & a half, but that's enough for us. We don't really plan on having a family in this home, it's just a starter one for us. If we do have a child, it'll just be one, and it won't be for very long. The house is a flip house, so it's been just about redone to it's roots. The kitchen is the most spectacular out of everything in my opinion. They redid the whole thing, and they chose the cabinets very well. There are a few things around the house that need some help from us that the Sellers wouldn't fix but it's nothing that Sam and I can't handle. 

Other then that stressful experience, we both have also started our last year of Undergrad. I'm in my Senior year now, and I'm really excited and anxious about it. I hope this year flies by so I can start applying for Graduate school at IPFW and hopefully, cross my fingers, get in and start my studies towards gaining my Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling. It's either that degree or a more general Mental Health Counseling degree. Until then, I just need to get through my last year day by day. I am taking 5 online courses and one course on-campus this semester. Then next semester I'm hoping to take 4 online and 1 on-campus. The online courses help me with my boatload of stuff going on in my life, and I find them easier to get through. The courses are much shorter, and I can concentrate a lot easier when I sit down in my office and actually look at everything in front of me, instead of being surrounded by friends in a classroom on a fun campus. 

The last thing that has brought me to this overwhelming feeling is something I mentioned earlier. My wedding. Like I said, I am getting married in June and there are lots of planning and anxiety when it comes to planning a wedding. In reality, I have gotten so much accomplished and planned out and ready for the wedding, but in my mind I feel like I am so behind. I think up until the actual day, I will feel like I'm behind with something, which is crazy. I've got my ceremony location booked, my reception hall booked. I've got a deposit securing my DJ, Photobooth, and Cake all done. My dress is ordered and I've picked out my bridesmaid dresses with the help of some amazing ladies in my life. I've already spoken to my cousin who has agreed to doing our hair, and her twin, also my cousin whom is a photographer has agreed to do my wedding. I've really got a lot done, what's wrong with me? I'm pretty much a perfectionist, so I'm pretty sure that's the reason. The only things not done yet is my invitations being ordered, and then them being sent out. I don't have a complete list of people attending either, I'm waiting for one side of my family, but that's even not really that bad once I say it out loud. I still have 9 months. I'm good.... right?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the Process...

So, I've officially started my "Lose 60-90 lbs by July." I'd love to lose 60 by May, so I'm going to have to put this into high speed. This includes a lot of GTL as well!!! Since I'm going to be working out a lot to look good for this summer, I'm also going to need to start tanning a lot. I'm tanning mainly just to make sure I don't burn bad this summer, since I'll be outside quite a lot. And of course this leads us to laundry. Since I'm going to be working out a lot, I'll practically be wearing two outfits a day, meaning way more laundry!! Gym, Tan, Laundry. :) It's a Jersey Shore reference. Ha. 

All this new stuff also means new eating habits. Last night I made us an amazing salad. Grilled Chicken Salad with Light Raspberry Vinaigrette. It was amazing! :) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day. (:

Valentine's day went really well for me yesterday. Of course there were things that would have been wonderful that didn't happen, but for what did happen, it was amazing. Samuel and I went to The Old Gas House for dinner, which is like a little ritual we do since we started dating. And then after being there for over an hour, slowly enjoying our huge meal, we went of to DeBrands and had a little sundae for dessert. It was absolutely amazing. What did I get for Valentine's Day? Samuel bought a certificate so I can get a huge canvas print of our dogs, which I have been wanting for quite a while now. I love it! I can't wait. (: 

And on the note of the engagement ring contest, we didn't win. But that's okay. A couple, Tasha & Kyle won. They were cute so I'm okay with that. I know that somehow makes me sound like a really crappy person. By not winning though, we can pick out our own engagement ring, or he can, and hopefully it'll turn out perfect. (: 

Other then all that, I'm extremely bored today. I've got tons and tons of laundry to do. And then I've also got to icing some sugar cookies that I made yesterday. And yes, homemade icing is what I'm using, it is always the best. (: 

On a sad note, I bit off all my nails. Stupid anxiety from classes and work. Oh well, I've got crappy nails anyway, I'm used to it. lol Well I know today has a super short post, but oh well. I have nothing else to speak about. Maybe I'll hop on later and have more to tell. (: 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Engagement Contest, HELP!!

Hello fellow bloggers! 
I don't really know HOW many readers I have... 
but if you happen to run across my blog, please help! 

My boyfriend and I are in a contest to win an engagement ring work $2,900! 
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Engagement Ring Contest

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's this I hear? Coughing? Bronchitis?

Looks like I have yet again become sick. I completely and utterly blame the airport that I was stuck in on my way home from Vegas. They had a delay because our brakes weren't working, so we had to sit there an additional 7 hours on top of the 2 hours that we already waited. I'm pretty sure everyone was pissed. 

Other then that mess, my doctor believes my body decided to have a upper respiratory infection that developed into Bronchitis. Oh yay. At least I'm on some meds for this, and oh how do I love the vaporub that I bought so I can breathe easier. So, what have I been up to? Sleep. I've been completely exhausted from being sick, and from traveling so much. Definitely looking forward to feeling better and getting back to work. I don't like being broke. It's quite horrible. 

I need a new job. A job that I can make a lot more money in then I do now. But isn't that how it usually goes?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

School School School.

Oh boy, here we go again! Another semester that's probably going to end up kicking my ass. Hopefully things go better and yet just as good as last semester. I only had trouble with one class, which was amazing, so hopefully everything goes really well, and the part about getting better, maybe this semester I won't have any problems with ANY classes!!! That would be wonderful. 

My online classes started. I am taking Psychology of Communication & Medical Terminology. They seem like they are going to be pretty good and easy classes, which is always nice. The only problem I'm having so far is I'm missing the CDs that I need for my Medical Terminology class. As soon as I can pick those up I can go ahead and start doing all my homework and tests, which I don't really have any due yet, but I like to get some things done ahead of time, and I wouldn't mind getting everything done ahead of time for this class for the next week since I'm not really going to have a bunch of time to get anything done.... cause I'm going to be in Vegas babyy!!! 

Oh yeah, now I can explain my Vegas trip. It's rolling up to my 21st birthday and my mother decided she wants to continue her amazingness and take herself and myself to Vegas to bring in a new chapter of my life. I am beyond excited if you haven't been able to tell yet. I'm heading down to Oxford on the 11th that way we can get a head start driving up to Toledo for our flight. On Wednesday we're supposed to leave for Vegas at 3:25pm out of Detroit, so we're heading to my Aunt who lives in Toledo who said she'd drive us to the Detroit airport that way I didn't have to leave  my new car at the airport. (: 
Then we're going to be spending the next few days at MGM Grand in Vegas. The hotel looks absolutely amazing! We'll arrive on the 12th, spend that first day walking around and checking everything out before we start to party it up on my birthday on the 13th!! It's going to be fabulous. We'll be heading home on the 15th in the early afternoon and won't arrive back in Detroit until after 9pm because of the time difference, but thats okay. Then we'll head back to Oxford and I'll spend the night there, then head back home on the 17th. I'm definitely going to be taking TONS of pictures!! 

I'll have to update either there, or when I get back. I have to take one test while I am there, which is a huge bummer, but oh well. That shouldn't be too hard. I'll have to take my laptop and notes, but that's not too bad. I'll be prepared and hopefully ace the test. Then, I'll go back to having lots and lots of fun!!! 

Once I get back, I'll be heading back to my old routine. School... school... and more school. Oh boy.