Beneath the make-up and behind the smile, I'm just a girl who wishes for the world.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Young and the Restless.

So, to those of you who actually enjoy this soap, I applaud you. 
I absolutely LOVE this show. 
I've loved it ever since I started watching it with my mother and late grandmother. 
It's one of the memories I'll always have of my grandma. 
The show is absolutely ridiculous, but it's very addicting. 
I've definitely caught myself yelling at the tv a few times. 

Have you ever found a show that you yell at the tv for?

I have a bunch, which is hilarious. 
I'm anxious for most of my shows to come back on after the new year. 
I feel like it has been FOREVER since they all went off the air for their little holiday gap. 

Other then ranting about shows, I really had nothing to talk about, but I felt the need to post something. I knew that if I wouldn't have posted anything, I would fall back into that habit of not showing up on my own blog, and that is unacceptable. 

Oh, and before I forget, this current Game Stop commercial that is on the tv here.... ridiculous. I don't like watching a three armed man and son talk about video games. It's the cheapest looking commercial ever. I hate it. I hope it gets off the air fast since it's basically a Christmas commercial. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Almost Christmas!

So, I was going to put as my title: 'It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas'... BUT... here in Indiana, it is NOT looking like Christmas. There is no snow in sight. It's horrible, and extremely strange. We've had a few days were it's sprinkled a little flurries down on us, but nothing has stuck. So, we're not having a white Christmas here in Indiana so far, it's a green Christmas. Which I could completely understand if I was someplace like Florida! But... I'm guessing Mother Nature is playing a sick joke on us right now. One of these days coming up Mother Nature is going to plop down a big ol' storm of snow... I can just feel it. 

Other then ranting about the lack of snow in Indiana right now, I get to sleep in tomorrow, and then Saturday! Woohoo! I got all my Christmas stuff DONE! Thank goodness. Now I get to go get my nails done with my cousin tomorrow, then bake a bunch of sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies with the Madre on Saturday!! It's going to be a nice weekend. 

Friday: Pedi & Mani with cousin. Relaxing time before the busy weekend. 

Saturday: Madre & little sister come up in the afternoon to stay for the evening. We'll be making two different types of cookies, then exchanging gifts, followed by dining out. 

Sunday: CHRISTMAS!!! Christmas at my Grandpa's in the afternoon to early evening, then finishing the night off at Samuel's parents house for their families Christmas. 

Like I said, bussssy weekend, and I'm very excited about it. Although, I feel like Christmas snuck up on us this year. I feel like last month was halloween. And then the month before that, I felt like it was summer. The end of this year is going by SOOOO fast. Which is nice... because January needs to get here asap. Now that is going to be one hell of a time. Big 2-1. So stoked. More to come about that in another post later. (: 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What do I do now?

Well, postponed waking up on time this morning. I know 10:30am isn't THAT early but it sure felt early for some reason this morning. And I knew that I worked at noon and I had to get a shower in and something in my stomach before working four hours. Well... I definitely hit snooze and ended up sleeping until 11am. Then, I hit snooze again to which Samuel proceeded to tell me to get up because I had to get ready for work. He was being just as lazy as I was, half asleep on his side of the bed. I sighed and got up, and of course, the first thing I do is check my phone. I had a missed call, voicemail, 2 text messages, and 15 app updates. (Which I constantly ignore because my phone doesn't have enough memory to update any of my apps. I hate my phone.) I check my voicemail, and what is probably the most heavenly words I could hear at that tiring moment? Work. They were soooo slow that they didn't need me to come in and work today. 

Perfect right?! But then guess what? I was fully and completely awake. I couldn't have fallen back asleep even if I had wanted too... perfect. Oh well, so I got up and now what do I do? I clean, that's what I do. Now the apartment once again looks amazing. Samuel and I got to work fixing up the living and dining room since everything was covered in all my craft stuff. 

I couldn't finish what I WANTED to accomplish by Christmas, which was 4 shag rugs made out of t-shirts. (Once that is finished I will definitely post a picture, because it looks amazing halfway done.) So, I moved onto Refrigerator Magnets. I saw someone else do it online and I thought that it looked pretty good and that I could definitely do it myself. So, I did. What do you think? These are for my Grandpa Joe. He's pretty into flags, I blame it on the Navy and his honorable dedication to our country. (: 

I don't think they look too bad! Very simple. I just took clothespins, attached a decorative top. Glued on some beads and then slipped a magnet on the back. Then waaaahlaaah, refrigerator magnets. (:

Sooo, now I don't know what to do with the rest of my day. It's almost 3:30pm and I still have the rest of my day to do something! We'll see what happens. (: 

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Done Apologizing.

So, the title? It means exactly what it says. 
I am sooo done apologizing for not being able to get on here and post enough. 
Usually I apologize before I start writing, but it just keeps occurring. 
So I'm just going to be like, peeps, you know what! I don't get on as much as I would like. 
Because I have a life. 

Which, has been going pretty well lately, if I do say so myself. 
I'm done being sick, hopefully for a little while. Stupid Strep. 
Samuel and I bought the dogs new harnesses for their Christmas Presents. 
Needless to say I opened them early and took them on a walk today. 
Forty-five minutes long. It was nice outside... in December... in Indiana.... 
I think God's playing an early April Fools joke on us. 
It's going to completely downpour in snow one of these days coming up.
And we're all going to be locked inside out houses because it's going to be like 100 feet deep. 

Then, the chuckle in the air, yeah, that'll be God. 
He's got to have some fun too. 

Anywho, the walk went really well. The little one, aka, Leah. 
She's super smart. She's like 10lbs. And thinks she can outrun a car. 
Stupid. Thankfully they were on leashes. Or else that probably wouldn't have turned out pretty.
And instead of this being a happy go lucky post about my life, it would be one depressed SOB. 
Jacob was well, Jacob. He just walked around merrily, taking in all he could. 
He whined because there were some other dog walkers out there with their pups...
But he couldn't play with them. He's really a big lover, even though he used to scare my Mother. 

Other then the dogs being awesome on their walk, I got all my grades in from this semester! 
I did pretty damn good. I got 5 A's and then one stinking C. 
I got that stupid C because of a very retarded jerkface online professor who thought he was God. 
And apparently since I didn't believe he was heaven almighty, I deserved a bad grade. 
At least I don't have to take another class with him, or repeat that class. 
I'm sure I would have learned something if I would have had a more considerate professor. 
Oh well, that's over $1,000 down the drain since I didn't learn a single thing that I didn't already know. 
But I'm used to that with this pretty much ridiculous school. 
I swear, half the time I don't learn a single thing! 
Oh well, as long as I get my degree and then get into Graduate School I will be fine. 
But yes, definitely happy on those A's! I worked so hard this semester so I definitely deserved them! 

Ooooookay. Well, it's pretty late here. 12:51am. Not like I have anything important to do tomorrow. 
Laundry. Hobby Lobby. Buy Crafts for homemade Christmas Presents. Make these crafts. Finish Laundry....DONE. 

Awesome day planned, right?! Bah. At least I can sleep in until 10am... when I'm sure my body will be like, I know you're tired... BUT.... I'm not going to let you sleep any longer, because I'm an asshole. 

And yes, I'm completely okay with calling my body an asshole, because it is. I have the worst immune system possible, and I've come to the conclusion that my body hates me. So, I call haters 'asshole'. Since my body is a 'hatin' on me, it is an asshole. 

I can't believe you took time out of your day to read this. God bless you.
Goodnight. (: