Beneath the make-up and behind the smile, I'm just a girl who wishes for the world.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Young and the Restless.

So, to those of you who actually enjoy this soap, I applaud you. 
I absolutely LOVE this show. 
I've loved it ever since I started watching it with my mother and late grandmother. 
It's one of the memories I'll always have of my grandma. 
The show is absolutely ridiculous, but it's very addicting. 
I've definitely caught myself yelling at the tv a few times. 

Have you ever found a show that you yell at the tv for?

I have a bunch, which is hilarious. 
I'm anxious for most of my shows to come back on after the new year. 
I feel like it has been FOREVER since they all went off the air for their little holiday gap. 

Other then ranting about shows, I really had nothing to talk about, but I felt the need to post something. I knew that if I wouldn't have posted anything, I would fall back into that habit of not showing up on my own blog, and that is unacceptable. 

Oh, and before I forget, this current Game Stop commercial that is on the tv here.... ridiculous. I don't like watching a three armed man and son talk about video games. It's the cheapest looking commercial ever. I hate it. I hope it gets off the air fast since it's basically a Christmas commercial. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Almost Christmas!

So, I was going to put as my title: 'It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas'... BUT... here in Indiana, it is NOT looking like Christmas. There is no snow in sight. It's horrible, and extremely strange. We've had a few days were it's sprinkled a little flurries down on us, but nothing has stuck. So, we're not having a white Christmas here in Indiana so far, it's a green Christmas. Which I could completely understand if I was someplace like Florida! But... I'm guessing Mother Nature is playing a sick joke on us right now. One of these days coming up Mother Nature is going to plop down a big ol' storm of snow... I can just feel it. 

Other then ranting about the lack of snow in Indiana right now, I get to sleep in tomorrow, and then Saturday! Woohoo! I got all my Christmas stuff DONE! Thank goodness. Now I get to go get my nails done with my cousin tomorrow, then bake a bunch of sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies with the Madre on Saturday!! It's going to be a nice weekend. 

Friday: Pedi & Mani with cousin. Relaxing time before the busy weekend. 

Saturday: Madre & little sister come up in the afternoon to stay for the evening. We'll be making two different types of cookies, then exchanging gifts, followed by dining out. 

Sunday: CHRISTMAS!!! Christmas at my Grandpa's in the afternoon to early evening, then finishing the night off at Samuel's parents house for their families Christmas. 

Like I said, bussssy weekend, and I'm very excited about it. Although, I feel like Christmas snuck up on us this year. I feel like last month was halloween. And then the month before that, I felt like it was summer. The end of this year is going by SOOOO fast. Which is nice... because January needs to get here asap. Now that is going to be one hell of a time. Big 2-1. So stoked. More to come about that in another post later. (: 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What do I do now?

Well, postponed waking up on time this morning. I know 10:30am isn't THAT early but it sure felt early for some reason this morning. And I knew that I worked at noon and I had to get a shower in and something in my stomach before working four hours. Well... I definitely hit snooze and ended up sleeping until 11am. Then, I hit snooze again to which Samuel proceeded to tell me to get up because I had to get ready for work. He was being just as lazy as I was, half asleep on his side of the bed. I sighed and got up, and of course, the first thing I do is check my phone. I had a missed call, voicemail, 2 text messages, and 15 app updates. (Which I constantly ignore because my phone doesn't have enough memory to update any of my apps. I hate my phone.) I check my voicemail, and what is probably the most heavenly words I could hear at that tiring moment? Work. They were soooo slow that they didn't need me to come in and work today. 

Perfect right?! But then guess what? I was fully and completely awake. I couldn't have fallen back asleep even if I had wanted too... perfect. Oh well, so I got up and now what do I do? I clean, that's what I do. Now the apartment once again looks amazing. Samuel and I got to work fixing up the living and dining room since everything was covered in all my craft stuff. 

I couldn't finish what I WANTED to accomplish by Christmas, which was 4 shag rugs made out of t-shirts. (Once that is finished I will definitely post a picture, because it looks amazing halfway done.) So, I moved onto Refrigerator Magnets. I saw someone else do it online and I thought that it looked pretty good and that I could definitely do it myself. So, I did. What do you think? These are for my Grandpa Joe. He's pretty into flags, I blame it on the Navy and his honorable dedication to our country. (: 

I don't think they look too bad! Very simple. I just took clothespins, attached a decorative top. Glued on some beads and then slipped a magnet on the back. Then waaaahlaaah, refrigerator magnets. (:

Sooo, now I don't know what to do with the rest of my day. It's almost 3:30pm and I still have the rest of my day to do something! We'll see what happens. (: 

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Done Apologizing.

So, the title? It means exactly what it says. 
I am sooo done apologizing for not being able to get on here and post enough. 
Usually I apologize before I start writing, but it just keeps occurring. 
So I'm just going to be like, peeps, you know what! I don't get on as much as I would like. 
Because I have a life. 

Which, has been going pretty well lately, if I do say so myself. 
I'm done being sick, hopefully for a little while. Stupid Strep. 
Samuel and I bought the dogs new harnesses for their Christmas Presents. 
Needless to say I opened them early and took them on a walk today. 
Forty-five minutes long. It was nice outside... in December... in Indiana.... 
I think God's playing an early April Fools joke on us. 
It's going to completely downpour in snow one of these days coming up.
And we're all going to be locked inside out houses because it's going to be like 100 feet deep. 

Then, the chuckle in the air, yeah, that'll be God. 
He's got to have some fun too. 

Anywho, the walk went really well. The little one, aka, Leah. 
She's super smart. She's like 10lbs. And thinks she can outrun a car. 
Stupid. Thankfully they were on leashes. Or else that probably wouldn't have turned out pretty.
And instead of this being a happy go lucky post about my life, it would be one depressed SOB. 
Jacob was well, Jacob. He just walked around merrily, taking in all he could. 
He whined because there were some other dog walkers out there with their pups...
But he couldn't play with them. He's really a big lover, even though he used to scare my Mother. 

Other then the dogs being awesome on their walk, I got all my grades in from this semester! 
I did pretty damn good. I got 5 A's and then one stinking C. 
I got that stupid C because of a very retarded jerkface online professor who thought he was God. 
And apparently since I didn't believe he was heaven almighty, I deserved a bad grade. 
At least I don't have to take another class with him, or repeat that class. 
I'm sure I would have learned something if I would have had a more considerate professor. 
Oh well, that's over $1,000 down the drain since I didn't learn a single thing that I didn't already know. 
But I'm used to that with this pretty much ridiculous school. 
I swear, half the time I don't learn a single thing! 
Oh well, as long as I get my degree and then get into Graduate School I will be fine. 
But yes, definitely happy on those A's! I worked so hard this semester so I definitely deserved them! 

Ooooookay. Well, it's pretty late here. 12:51am. Not like I have anything important to do tomorrow. 
Laundry. Hobby Lobby. Buy Crafts for homemade Christmas Presents. Make these crafts. Finish Laundry....DONE. 

Awesome day planned, right?! Bah. At least I can sleep in until 10am... when I'm sure my body will be like, I know you're tired... BUT.... I'm not going to let you sleep any longer, because I'm an asshole. 

And yes, I'm completely okay with calling my body an asshole, because it is. I have the worst immune system possible, and I've come to the conclusion that my body hates me. So, I call haters 'asshole'. Since my body is a 'hatin' on me, it is an asshole. 

I can't believe you took time out of your day to read this. God bless you.
Goodnight. (: 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New. New. New.

Well, I know I haven't been posting but that's because I've been pretty busy. Along with working at the Party Store, going to school full time, I've been pretty busy. I've reconnected with one of my cousins, and that's absolutely amazing. I've also colored my hair. Well, bleached it. It's pretty blonde now, and I'm finally used to it. I got it colored a couple weeks ago. I really enjoy it. I'm so happy I got it done. :) 

Other then that, I've started two new online classes, after finishing two of them and getting two A's. YAY! I'm glad those went well because it allowed me take sign up for more online classes for next semester. And even though those are short and very condensed, I enjoy them better then having them all prolonged and across town. :) 

I have also started watching my old shows that have come back on!! Desperate Housewives is one of them, but unfortunately this is its last season, which saddens me. Jersey shore is almost over with, that's a little bitter sweet. Private Practice & Grey's started back up, which I am very excited about, along with Big Bang! Other then those, I've started watching some new ones. 2 Broke Girls, Up All Night, and Walking Dead. I believe those are my only new shows. Of course I'm still watching House and SVU and all my other shows. I love my DVR. Because without it, watching these shows would probably not be possible. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Well, I still am lacking in posts, but at least once in a while I can get on here. 

Well, about those carports... looks like it will be for the whole year. Possibly the whole length that I live here because I really do enjoy parking there. Lets see how much I like walking across the pavement to my carport when it's covered in ice. 

So, two of my classes are about to end, which I very much so enjoy. Unfortunately I'll be replacing them with two more classes before winter break, but that's not too bad. I'll just be happy to have these classes done and over with! Plus with good grades, lovely. :) 

Other then this pathetic information, I have started my shows this week!!! Greys, Big Bang, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, 2 Broke Girls, The New Girl, Up All Night, and probably more. I'm pretty much enjoying this seasons worth of shows. :) 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh wow.

Wow. So I definitely haven't had any time to do any blog posting. I feel horrible... not really. I don't know how I could feel horrible about something that wasn't even crossing my mind, but back to the point. 

I haven't been able to post anything recently because I have been insanely busy. Not only have I started my classes back up, but I have also just got done moving, and starting a new job. We'll talk about my classes first. 

I am taking 6 classes this semester, and then probably 6 again next semester. This should be a busy and interesting year!!! My classes right now consist of: Anatomy & Physiology. Macroeconomics. Group Dynamics. Assessment in Psychology. Critical Inquiry. And Organizational Behavior. Like I said... this should be an interesting semester. 

Now, for work. I have started working at the Celebrations Party Outlet. It's not a lot of hours, between 15-20 hours per week, which is perfect for that shit-ton of school work I'll be having. 

And finally, moving. I definitely just moved into a MUCH better apartment. I used to live in Coliseum Park Apartments, and they were HORRIBLE!!! I seriously can not believe I wasted so much money there. That living situation was down right ridiculous. I will never ever recommend that place, let alone go there ever again! I love the place I am in now. For just over $100 more a month, we have almost double the square footage, and now a carport. Very nice. I'll probably only keep the carport during the winter months, Oct-Feb. Then give it up and save $15 a month. :) 

Well... that's all I can think about saying right now. Which is nice. Not a big posting. Oh, if you haven't tried Pinterest, you should. I just want to warn you, it is HIGHLY addictive. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home..... for 3 more days.

Well, I'm back from D.C. It went really well. I had lots of fun, but the time flew completely by. I wish we could have been able to do more things. We ended up going to a few symposiums at the National APA Conference which was fun. We only got to go to one museum though, I really wish we could have gone to more, but maybe some other day if I ever get a chance to go back there. 

Since I've been back, all I've been doing is sleeping, eating, and packing. We're moving Friday morning at 10AM. I'm beyond excited to get out of this small apartment. The apartment we're moving into isn't huge, but it is definitely bigger than the horrible place I'm living now!!! So now it's a count down until we move. Dishes are packed. Clothes are packed. I'm in the process of hopefully selling my couch & bar stools on craigslist because we are getting a sectional and there won't be a breakfast bar for the bar stools like there is here. This should be interesting!!! Hopefully they sell fast!!!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

D.C or Bust!

Well, in less than 3 hours I will be heading on my way to Washington D.C for the annual APA conference. I'm beyond excited. Especially for all the psychologists I'll be meeting! Well this was short, oh well, I'm off!!! I'll hopefully update during the trip!!! 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Captain America, say what?

Other than the incredible cheesiness and over dramatic scenes... I loved it. Scratch that (literally), I loved the cheesiness & over dramatic scenes as well. 

Captain America, the newest Marvel movie, was actually pretty good, this coming from a girl who doesn't know the background of the first avenger. I didn't grow up with comics, I grew up with a sister and a mother. Although, I was heavy into Power Rangers as I child, thanks to my male friends. Least to say, I was the pink ranger, every time. But Marvel? Nope. In fact, before this sudden Marvel faze that has suddenly sweep over the theaters within the past few years, if someone would have randomly come up and asked me what Marvel was, I probably would have answered them with, "You're amazed by something?" Because honestly, I would have had no clue whatsoever. Now, I do. Which is nice, I don't sound so stupid, but at the same time, I really don't care. I'm just happy with the extremely attractive actors they are choosing to act in the roles of the "avengers". Captain America & Iron Man are by far my favorite. Downey Jr. won me over pretty hard playing Iron Man, although I liked him before his role as Iron Man, so he's had my attention for a while. I don't know what it is about him. Him and Eric Bana, they just completely make me melt. It must be the hair. It's always the hair, right? 

Other than talking about Captain America & Downey Junior, I don't have much else to say. Oh, something came to mind. I'm pretty much going to be missing my bestest friend Christina. She's officially moved down to North Carolina. She is no longer on the other side of town. I'd make a sad face on here, but that wouldn't give how I feel any justice. It's much sadder than a computerized frowny face. She's happy, so that's all that matters, and I get to see her occasionally, like tonight, for Captain America, but now she's gone again... and I have to wait. Distance makes the heart fonder. Thank God for the internet to keep in touch! 

Alrighty, now I'm done.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

These are the good times?

Everyone tells me that I am currently living in the good times. I'm a college student, it's time to party, live life, explore. Well guess what, everything I want to explore it out of reach. I would love to explore Italy, France, Australia  Ireland, exotic places like that. What am I able to explore? Fort Wayne, Oxford, the few towns in between. I'm sorry, but that's not a "good time". Also, I'm supposed to "party" it up... well I'm not the biggest party person. Sure, I love to hang out with friends and have a good time, but I'm not the biggest Frat house person. That may be because the Frat houses at my school are not normal Frat houses, very small, and not that big of a deal. But I've always been like this. I'm more of a bonfire type of girl. Give me 10-25 friends hanging out in a backyard or off in some woods with a four wheeler or two, and I'm golden. 
So, when it comes down to it, I'm left with live life. I do believe I have been doing that as much as I could, since I can't really travel. I'm involved in school up to my eyeballs. I won't be out of school for like five more years, and by then, I'd like to start a family. Maybe during the summers I'll have a little across the seas vacation time with Samuel. That would definitely be nice, but if that won't happen until my mid-twenties to late-twenties, then I refuse to believe that this is the time in my life that is considered the "good times". I'm pretty sure for me, "good times" will happen when I get to travel where I want, (across the world) and start a family of my own, which I am extremely excited for. Not so much the pain, but the joy of making a miracle. 

But yes. I'll be living the good times in about 5-10 years. Dammit. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oxford, Ohio or Bust!

Well, I know I haven't updates my fellow readers lately. (Like I even have any freaking readers.) But I guess I'll do a short little tid-bit tonight. Samuel, Tyler, and Myself are heading to my Madre's in a few hours. (Nine to be exact.) And we're about to have a nice little vacation. 

Tyler is coming because on Saturday we're all going to Kings Island and Samuel needs a roller coaster buddy, since I will only be going on like, one. Other then that, he's there to survey the land. Check out the locals. Enjoy himself. (That sounds dirtier than it was supposed too. Oh well.) 

Hopefully we'll all enjoy ourselves and have a nice little vacation away from Fort Wayne. It's definitely needed!!! 

Goodnight. (:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Santa, no! I said snack time!

So I thought tonight, since I really didn't have anything to complain about and nothing on my mind worth talking about... I'd share some of Samuel and I's relationship. We have a love hate relationship sometimes, but most of the time it's all love. We also talk to each other like brother and sister. I swear we were married in another life, which is why we are so close to each other after only 1 year of dating. Here's a prime example and the main reason for this blog. Conversation as is: 

Samuel: (In a high pitched just soft girly voice.) Saaannnntaaaa. 
Me: Santa? What the hell. Why did you just say Santa?
Samuel: No not Santa! Snack time!!! 
Me: I really thought you just said Santa.
Samuel: (In that same girly voice.) Why are you taking all the Christmas decorations Santa?! 
Me: Oh my God. You did NOT just quote the Grinch. You are ridiculous.
Me: Why did you quote the Grinch?!
Samuel: Because you said Santa!
Me: I only said Santa because thats what I thought you said to me!!!


Samuel: I'll keep doing it. 
Me: Please don't. 
Samuel: Okay. 

In other words, thank God I love this man. Because that was ridiculous. Also, *enunciation is the murderer of relationships and conversations*. Samuel's making rice crispy treats now, because I told him to. (And he wanted to I guess.)

*Thank you Sharon for enlightening me with this quote. (: 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Should have been Guilty.

I thank God that I live in a country where I have free speech, or else I would not be able to express how I am feeling right now on this website. 

Casey Anthony. 

I could go on and on cursing her out and cursing out the jury, but really, I don't know what was going on in the Jury's mind. What they could have possibly been thinking during the 10 hour decision making time lot. I really wish I could have been on that jury, because God knows it would have gone on longer than 10 hours because I would not have changed my decision on how Guilty Casey Anthony is in every single thing she was charged. The results were that she was NOT guilty of: Murder, Child Abuse, Child Manslaughter. She was Guilty however of lying to police officers, which of course we already knew that (if you've been following) because it had become public that she admitted that she had lied. So of course she was going to receive Guilty for that. 

I just can not believe that she was acquitted of murder, child abuse, and manslaughter. I just can't believe it. I am beyond shocked and ashamed. That poor little girl should have received justice for what was done. All I've got to say is: 

Casey Anthony, even though you have been judged here and found not guilty, there is a higher power you have yet to be judged by, and I am sure he's not going to go as easy on you as this jury in Florida has done. I am beyond ashamed and shocked. 

At least Caylee is with God now, safe and sound, and beyond happy & peaceful. I hope Casey can live with herself now. (Really I don't. I hope she is in mental pain for the rest of her life.)

Fireworks at IPFW.

Well, they weren't all that, but it was definitely something nice to do to get out of this horribly small apartment! The evening started off around 6:30pm when Christina popped over, followed by Tyler a little while later. I got all the hot dogs started on the George Foreman while everyone watched a "Your Backyard Goes Disney" one of my new favorite shows. Probably because I'm obsessed with Disney. But anyway, I got all the hot dogs done within 10 minutes, wrapping them up in aluminum foil and sticking them in a lunch bag so they stayed hot/warm. 

We got to IPFW around 7:30, chowed down on hot dogs, chips, and watermelon that I previously chopped up a few hours before everyone came over. By the time we all got done chatting and eating, Christina's brother Alexander showed up in time to chow down and watch the 4 of us play a game of Cranium. One of the best games ever to play, as long as you don't have someone who is a super sore loser (Samuel). He acted way out of line today, pissed myself and Christina off (the winners) but oh well, I'll get over it. I just won't ever let him get over it. (: 

Fireworks started, pathetically, but then they ended pretty well. The company was definitely better than the actual fireworks, but like I said earlier, it was just nice to get out and do something for a change. I'm usually cooped up in this apartment, especially since I don't have a job anymore. 

I have a pretty busy week ahead of me, which excited me soo much! I'm heading out to Indiana Tech to meet up with some people to hopefully get my online classes set up, like I'm sure I've mentioned in previous blogs, and then I'm meeting up with Christina (same place) to do some web searching and just hanging out. Then when I get home, I'll probably be joining Samuel & Tyler for Wii games & dinner, which doesn't bother me at all considering Tyler will be our new roommate next year, I'll be seeing him a lot. (: 

Wednesday, I don't really have any plans, we'll see what happens. But then Thursday, ohhh Thursday!!! I'm getting my hair cut and colored, and I am beyond excited for it. I cannot wait to have this long hair cut, and lighter. It's basically black, the darkest brown ever... and the sun definitely hates it, because my head gets so hot when I'm out in the sun. So, going blonder and less short, hopefully helping the heat to go after someone else's  head instead of mine for a while. For the rest of the week, I'm not sure. I guess I was just excited for tomorrow and Thursday this week. Maybe something else will pop up on another day that excites me. (:

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day Everyone. (:

Couple things today...

Well, what am I doing today you ask? Basically nothing, but tonight, ohhh tonight there are plans. I'm having my friend Christina over tonight and Samuel's friend Tyler. We'll be grilling up hot dogs and then heading over to watch some fireworks at IPFW. I also cut up half a watermelon, which I have been craving like crazy. Watermelon is so good. (:

Any who, that should be fun. Especially after sitting at home and doing chores all day, plus a little bit of Sims 3. I know I'm 20, turning 21 and I should be over that stage in my life, but I really love it. I basically build up and furnish houses, and then abandon those people, which I guess is kind of humorous, but at least they have a stylish house? I used to want to be an interior designer so badly, but after not knowing if that would work or not, I went into Psychology, knowing that would most likely work better than Interior Design in the end, especially where I'm located in the US.

(This is going to be quite random, but who cares, since I'm watching this part of Titanic I would just love to say that Rose so could have moved over so Leo could have gotten on with her and not died. Geeez.)

And my second subject I wanted to touch base with, is True Blood. I don't know if you watch the show or not, but if you don't you definitely should! It's pretty sexual so I wouldn't advise letting anyone under the age of 16 watch it, and thats pushing it in my eyes (but we all know they're having sex anyway, thank you 16 & pregnant). Right now they are on their 4th season, and it hasn't started getting too great yet. Since it's only the 2nd episode of the season they are still in the process of revealing what everyone has done in the past year, catching everyone up to speed. We're all needing catching up because Sookie (The Main Lady) decided to see what her life would be like in a different land, a fairy land, since she had found out she was part fae. Well she's there for maybe a couple hours before finding out it's not such a great place and escaping with her grandfather (Thats a whole new subject. If anyone wants an explanation of that, comment and I'll explain.) Well she gets back and finds out that the fairyland vs earth has a huge time difference. Even though she had been there for only a few hours, if that, it had been just over a year on earth. Therefore, lots of things had happened and we all needed caught up. We're still catching up in the second episode, until about the very end, (SPOILER ALERT) when a group of witches decided to bring something else back from the dead (they previously brought a parrot back). This is when Eric runs in and says he heard they needed a dead body, and since he's a vampire, he is dead and there for service (when really he just was going to break the coven apart and make sure they never held a meeting again). Suddenly the main witch suddenly brings on a spell. Eric gets terrfied, and unable to move. Then finally he gets a chance to run away, where Sookie ends up driving up to him, asking him what he was doing since he was topless and walking strange. This is where we get a glimpse of what might have happened. Eric looks at Sookie, not knowing who she is, telling her she smells extremely well. 

The episode ends there, leaving us all yelling at the tv for it to continue because we really want to know what happens next since there was basically all catching up until the end, finally some good stuff! Oh well, thats how they keep people watching all season I guess, and the following seasons too. Like I said, if you haven't gotten to watch any True Blood, do it. It's beyond amazing. And, if you're big on sex, then you'll like it too. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Italian Connections Restaurant.

So, todays horrible experience? Samuel and I decided to visit Italian Connections, off Taylor Street. It looks quaint online, but it was horrible. Oh, and you have to make a reservation in order to eat there, really? Yes.

Walking in you basically interrupt a couples dinner, because you walk into their eating space. And then, while you stand their awkwardly waiting for a hostess, you finally feel the heat. The complete lack of air conditioning in 94 degree weather. Once you get seated, you get to observe your surroundings, and taste the complimentary bread & garlic butter. I swear there were a million pictures around us. They coated the walls, all the way down to the tops of the tables, which there were only 5 tables in the little room we were in. I'm sure there were more in the other room. As we were looking around, we noticed the obscene amount of Christmas lights all over. Red, green, & white lights. Everywhere. Those were basically the only lights lighting up the room. They needed so much more lighting. It was ridiculous. Also, we dinned with the Virgin Mary. I'm a Catholic, and religious, but that still doesn't mean I'd like to dine in a restaurant with her watching over me eating... 

So, after almost getting up and leaving, we decided to just give it a try, at least once. Hopefully the food would be better than our surroundings and lack of air. The pricing of the food didn't look too bad, especially the appetizer, it was only $5. For Hot Artichoke Dip too. So, we ordered that, expecting to get the normal sized dish. About 10 minutes later, and a basket of bread later, we get this tiny little dish. You know those plates that you put under teacups? Yeah, the bowl was smaller then one of those. Not to mention covered in a crazy amount of olive oil (which is already not my favorite). After trying that, we were completely downing our waters and pop. It was incredibly spicey. We're thinking way too much olive oil and rosemary, amongst other things. After that is finished, we're telling each other that we really hope the main dishes are good, and the salad that comes before hand. 

We get our salad next. Oh and what a salad. It's the same size dish as the appetizer. We didn't get a choice of dressing, it only came with the house dressing, which I couldn't even finish because it left the worst after taste in my mouth. Samuel was starving so he had no problem downing both salads. Along with another full class of lemonade. After the salads finally came our main dishes. Samuel ordered Chicken Parmigiana and I ordered Fettuccine Primavera. His looked pretty good, with one of those small bowls full of pasta with red sauce. No sauce on his breaded lightly cheesed chicken though. And mine... well mine was a complete shock. I was informed that there would be broccoli, asparagus, green and yellow zucchini, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and mushrooms. And that I could easily pull off whatever I didn't want since they would be sitting on top. Well they were NOT joking about those veggies sitting on top. My plate looked as such: A bed of fettuccine pasta covered in what looked like alfredo, and on top of that in no particular order was 1/3 a green pepper (raw), 1 slice of tomato (raw), 1 slice of onion (raw), 1 big chunk of broccoli (raw) 4 tiny mushrooms (raw), 1 extremely small slice of green & yellow zucchini (raw). Did I mention all the veggies were RAW?!

It took me about 5 minutes to cut up all the veggies before I could even eat a bite. Our waitress finally came over to ask us how it was, and I hadn't even gotten to try mine yet. I had pulled off the mushrooms (normally I wouldn't since it was such a small portion of everything to begin with, but they looked old and gross), and started cutting up the rest of the veggies with a horrible knife when she popped over and asked. She just laughed like it was no big deal and walked away. After I finally got everything chopped up, I asked Samuel how his meal was, and he said it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't very great. (Which gave me real hope for mine.) Oh, keep in mind, I had already been warned that the Alfredo sauce was shit. So, I took a bit, slowly, unwillingly. It was exactly how I had been warned. There was absolutely no flavor to my pasta, other than the raw veggies. I had never ever tasted an Alfredo sauce in my life that contained absolutely no flavor. It was definitely not what I expected after having that horribly spicey appetizer. 

We ate everything since we were completely starving, and didn't want to just get up and go somewhere else. (Which probably would have been a better choice at this point.) So we stayed, waited for the check, which took like 20 minutes to even get. Our waitress really wanted us to have a dessert, but we didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount for like 1/3 scoop of ice cream. Especially when we had ice cream at home, and we don't have to pay to get that out of our freezer. Anywho, we get out check, and pull out our coupon (which is the ONLY reason we even went there). We had a coupon for buy 1 entree, get the second one free. Nice coupon right?! Wrong. The bill before the coupon ended up being 41.06. $2 for drinks (we both had 1) $5 app, $14 Samuel's meal, $15 my meal. Somehow, that equaled 41.06 after tax. So, Samuel gives her his card & the coupon. She comes back, with a charge to his card of $35.66. Which is obviously not taking Samuels meal off the bill. We both look at our waitress like something is very wrong, to which she instantly replies, "Oh, if something looks wrong it's not. Our machines automatically add in the tip for you, so you don't have to leave one." Samuel just says okay, making the waitress leave. I whip out my cell phone and click on my calculator app. We left that horrible waitress, who was always making us wait for bread or something to drink, an $8.60 tip. And there was nothing we could do about it! 

All in all, horrible place to eat, and they pretty much rob you. You pay an expensive amount for a tasteless tiny meal. Not to mention, you don't get to choose how much you tip. No air conditioning, and you feel like your in some strangers home surrounded by pictures of their families, from all the way back to the 1800s. Not only would I not recommend it, I feel like I should call Gordon Ramsey to come fix that place completely and show their chef how to cook with FLAVOR! I'd give this restaurant a rating of 0 stars out of 5. Please, don't go there. Just dine at one of the amazing Casa Restaurants in Fort Wayne. You pay the same amount, get much better service, and get three times as much food. Casa is always a better choice when it comes to Italian food. Either Casa, or Olive Garden. 


Don't burn yourself between your toes. It hurts.

Best idea I've ever had. Ready for this? 

Take one step way to far by a rack straight out of the oven, leaning against some cupboards on the ground. Go ahead, feel it slide in between your second & third toe, instantly blistering it. It's truly an amazing feeling. 


This however did happen to me. I was baking a cake. (Samuel's request.) After it was done, I needed to put my roast in the oven, so I needed to take the top shelf out, or else it wouldn't have fit. I pull it out, without hurting myself one bit. I don't have any available counter space because my kitchen (If you can even call it that.) is basically the size of a normal bathroom. So, I decide to lean it on the ground against one of my cabinets, thinking that it would be the best place for it. The only thing I was worried about it being down there, was in case the dogs accidentally came up to it and burnt themselves. I rationalized that with, "They'll learn their lesson if they do." Well, guess who learned their lesson? And it's not the dogs. 
I go to throw something away, and I take one step too many, letting the side of the rack slide right between my second and third toe. Complete and utter pain. I had never felt anything like that before in my life. Instantly I pull my foot away. I have no idea what to do, so I kind of just stand there for a second, regaining my thought process. It disappears when sudden pain throbs through ones body. I then limp my way to the bathroom, Samuel and Tyler completely oblivious to my condition as they continue their combat game on the Wii. I make it to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and check out my foot. The biggest blisters I've ever seen in my life. I have NO idea what to do, so I just let it go, and go finish putting dinner in the oven to cook. Obviously, I can push pain away, which I had no idea I could do. 
The rest of the evening consisted of horrible pain shooting up my foot from the burn. I eventually put one of Samuels flip flops on, because the carpet was poking it, and that was making it so much worse. My friend Christina who ended up coming over checked it out (medical background) and told me to cut it. I couldn't bare to do that with everyone there, even though I knew it wouldn't hurt, the skin was already dead. I just didn't want the attention. Once Tyler and Christina left, I eventually cut it and got all the sticky nasty liquid out. I couldn't wait for it to heal. 

Well it's day 3 and it's finally getting hard. It is now more sore then ever, and I'm just tired of it hurting. I get shocks of pain if I bend my toes at all, which sucks, because I have realized I tend to bend my toes a lot. So now, I still wait, wait for the pain to be over. And for all of you who have yet to understand how this could happen... I have no freaking idea either. But wasn't it a great idea?! :(

Full Days Activities, followed by raging Autobots and Decepticons.

Well, before I start my rant tonight, I'm going to warn you. SPOILER ALERT. Or really, a possible spoiler alert. 

Tonight started off as an interesting day. Samuel and I took our new roommate Tyler (Also Samuel's best friend) to sign our leasing papers at the new apartment complex we will be living. (Shout out to Woodbridge!) Our current place is a complete dump. Please, do not choose to live at Coliseum Park, unless you like living in a "shit-hole", because believe me, it is one. I have never had so many problems living in an apartment all my life, and my mother runs an apartment complex. None of this would have happened under her watch. Low life people make me sick. It's like, get a freaking clue and do your job. Any who! We took him to our new apartment complex, got that all set up. We'll be going back August 1st to see the exact 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment we will be moving into, and I will be picking out a wall for our free accent color to be painted on. :) 
If you cannot tell I am rather happy about that. The apartment is more then twice the size of the current one Samuel and I are residing in. In other words, we cannot wait to get the hell out of here. 
Another nice plus about the new apartments, they have spectacular swimming pools, and are in the process of revamping their fitness center. Since we have a lock down on our apartment there, we have already received pool keys for this summer, before moving in. I absolutely love that place. (My feelings may change after we move in and we see what they are really like there.) 

After the apartment crap was done, I drove all the way over to my school to hopefully get the new Dean to sign a couple papers allowing myself to take a few online classes. This however was a complete bust. I get all the way there, only for an extremely kind securitas (My ridiculously expensive schools way of security.) lady to let me know that since it's the "holiday" they left at 3pm today. It was 3:15pm. I really wish I would have been previously told the day before when I stopped by. Oh well, looks like I'm making another trip back to the school on Tuesday, which is fine because I really have nothing else to do.

I got back home to two boys (Tyler & Samuel) bringing in a bunch of random groceries to make tacos. We're off hamburger meat here in this place (basically wherever I am) and we're into Turkey Burger Meat, or Turkey Bacon. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. Not only is it completely healthier for you, I honestly think it tastes so much better. Anyway, after dinner was made, we decided to change some plans and go ahead and instead of chancing the drive in with 55% rain tomorrow, we'd go see Transformers tonight. I really enjoyed it, especially Optimus Prime kicking some nice Autobot ass. I should clarify, it was one Autobot that he had to kick ass too, because he was a traitor. If you haven't seen the movie, then go watch it, and you'll completely understand where I am coming from. If you have, then you know what I mean. :) Samuel and Tyler thought it was so-so, but I really enjoyed myself. Maybe because of Shia, but also maybe because I would bang the hell out of Optimus. His voice, even though he is a robot, is beyond orgasmic. I absolutely love it. :) 

And now, it is 1:52am, my right foot is absolutely killing me. I shall explain that whole ordeal in a new posting. Cause thats a whole bunch of ridiculousness on it's on. So tune in next for that subject, if you'd like. Goodnight.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Update Spectacular.

Other then family drama, my life has been pretty crappy recently. 

I started a new job towards the end of May. I was really excited about such job. I was working at my school, and it was a perfect office job. I was getting around with almost everyone I was working with, minus one receptionist. She had her good days, and she definitely had her bad. When I worked at her desk during her lunch breaks, I was warned not to move a single thing, cause she was more then a little OCD. Which, is like myself, so I just did what would make everything peaceful. Luckily I never got bitched at about her desk. Any who, I was sick for a whole week. Extremely stupid stomach bug or something. Throwing up everyday, multiple times a day, followed by diarrhea fits. (No, I was not and I am not pregnant.) That all started Sunday night, ending finally Friday evening. I called in everyday, I only got to talk to my actual boss once however. The other times I would get to the receptionist, and she would tell me that I was getting patched through to my boss, but then she'd hang up, or the phone would "accidentally" cut out. I would return the phone call, and the same thing would happen. Well, I figured I would just explain that to my boss when I was scheduled to come back to work on Tuesday, since I had Mondays off anyway. 
Tuesday rolls around and I walk into the office and my desk has been completely taken over, and replaced with a bunch of other things. I decide to leave my purse and bottle of water up towards the front while I go talk to my boss and formally apologize for being so sick randomly, wishing I wouldn't have been, cause who really wants to be sick? THAT sick nonetheless. Well, as soon as I walk around her cubicle she looks at me with this dumbfounded face. I started off by telling her how sorry I was for being sick, and right before I was about to go into how I tried calling but the receptionist had troubles patching me through to you and hopefully she told you I was still sick, I was cut off. She told me that I had obviously not gotten my letter yet, to which I was extremely confused, cause why would I be getting a letter from them? Well, turned out she had terminated my student help for the summer. They had found a way to do what I was doing without a student helper, and she was not informed from the receptionist that I was still sick. She had assumed I was just missing work to miss work, cause that would so be something I would do. (Stupid bitch.) I just looked at her like WTF? But I didn't say anything except, "Seriously?" To which she just looked at me and didn't answer. So I just shrugged and said "Okay, fine." And since she was looking at me like, "Please leave. You're bothering me." I turned around and decided to walk away. Surprisingly it took a lot of strength to not cry. Thankfully I was just upset enough to get more mad then cry. So I walked over to my old desk and preceded to get all my things out of it. I said goodbye to my friends, and they told me to please come back and visit. So obviously I wasn't leaving on a bad note, but I still felt like it was wrong of them. They could have at least called me the day before to let me know not to come in, waste my gas by driving 15-20 minutes out there. Oh well, now I don't have to worry about it.
Now I can just deal with my school work, and focus on getting into Graduate School. Miami University hopefully! :) 

Something else I've been trying to do is get into online classes. I attend Indiana Tech, and their online classes are so bizarre. They are in "sessions" and they only last a month, which seems rather ridiculous. They don't cost any extra, thank God, cause they are already a ridiculous amount. My school is so expensive, but I really like the small-town feel. So... in order to get into online classes my school has made it a full out challenge. I have to get my classes approved by 4 different people. My advisor (Check.), My dean (Just got a new one, starting tomorrow, I'm hoping she'll be okay with it.), The business office, and The Registrar's office (Where I was working, so they better freaking approve.). Hopefully, that won't take too long. I'll be going over tomorrow sometime to talk to the new Dean so she could possibly approve my 4 online classes. I feel so behind on my classes since I was sick for practically a whole semester, struggling with 4 classes, after I dropped 2. Which obviously killed my GPA. My advisor knows I'm a good student, which is why he signed off on an okay for online classes. My school requires their students to have at least a 3.0 total GPA, and also only take 2 online classes per session. I think thats a little ridiculous, but whatever, it's a private school and they can do whatever they want apparently. (Another thing that should be changed. It shouldn't be THAT hard to get into an online class.) 

But other then all that junk and drama... my life hasn't been too bad. My allergies are holding through this difficult season, which is my WORST. Hopefully these allergy shots eventually take away my allergies all together like they are supposed too! I haven't been on them long, maybe 6-7 months now. But still... thats a long time for having to have a shot, or multiple shots in each arm once a week. 

I'll be trying to update more, especially since I'll be having more time on my hands since I'm not working anymore. Maybe I'll throw in some reviews on movies/tv shows I end up watching. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One simple word. Migraine.

Well, looks like I've experienced my very first Migraine. After hearing all about them from my aunts & cousins, I finally get to experience one for myself, and it's not a very good feeling, let me tell you. 

The bulk of it stared last night around midnight. I was getting sleeping, and getting into bed, when I suddenly felt like I was in a sauna. It was ridiculous! So I walked out and sat in a very cold leather chair that sits very close to the air conditioning unit. After a few minutes of that, all of a sudden there was this huge amount of pressure inside my head. It was making it hard to see, and I felt extremely light headed. It was awful, and I couldn't find the words to describe how I was feeling. 
I had previously felt irritable and uneasy the day before all this happened, which is a sign of a Migraine I soon learned. 

So, for future references, if anyone needs to know. I'm not an expert, but I definitely know what it feels like! BLAH!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I haven't been writing lately, I completely blame everything thats been happening. I've started a new job, finally! I really like it. I work at my schools Registrar's office, and I work with some amazing people, thankfully. I was hoping that I'd be able to get along with my new coworkers, and I do. Luckily, there are only 5 others that I really work closely with. (:
Other than that, I haven't really been up to much. I got my schedule all figured out with work, I get every Monday off, and then weekends as well. So that makes for a nice break in my week, especially since I work in the morning, and I haven't gotten up this early since before high school.
I did get to do one thing this past week. Sam and I, along with our friend Tyler went out to Little Turtle Go Karts and had a few rounds. For some reason Sam got an extremely slow go kart, and my steering wheel needed oiled up because it was so hard to turn! My right arm is still sore from Go karting, and we went two days ago! Bah! Apparently I used some muscles I haven't used in a while. (:

Other than work, that I have on my mind... I really need to start working out again. I was doing really good for a week, and then all of a sudden I was hit with complete exhaustion and busyness. I've got a wedding coming up that I'm the maid of honor in, but there's no way I'll be able to lose much to make a difference by then, but possibly by the start of school in August. (:

Sunday, March 20, 2011



I feel like it's going by so slowly for me lately. Maybe because I keep telling myself to do things in the day, and then never actually accomplish them. I think I'm going to set myself a goal. April 1st, no fools, I'm going to start doing what I tell myself to do everything night before myself. 

I will work out tomorrow. I will do all the laundry instead of postponing it. I will go tanning. I will finish my work. 

I bunch of I wills that I WILL do the following day, and the following days to come, until I am completely satisfied with myself, and how I feel from the inside out. 

Here's to setting a goal, and accomplishing it. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, happy day!

Woke up this morning to B-E-A-UTIFUL weather here in Oxford, Ohio! I was sooo happy, considering when my boyfriend and I came into town yesterday it was cold and rainy. It's not completely "warm" but it's definitely warming up, which is a nice breathe of fresh air!!! Hopefully it stays this way until Friday, since I'm staying up here for the remainder of my spring break. The boy went back home to the Fort for the rest of the week since he's got classes & work, thank goodness I don't!!!! Although I really don't like that my school and my boyfriends school, along with the majority of every other college has a spring break ahead of my own. That makes it quite hard to make plans with a big group of people, or even the boyfriend. 

Other than being extremely happy about the weather, I'm also happy about being able to look at the apartments here in Oxford. It was nice just to get a heads up on when we move down here. We plan on moving out of the Fort & into Oxford so I can attend Miami University and join their Masters program in Psychology. It's a really great program, so I'm pretty stoked about it. 

The apartments here are really great too. We looked at Oxford West. I'm a tad bit biased though. Okay a lot bit biased. My mother is the property manager for the apartments, so I knew that I'd be living here. But I still wanted to see all the different types since they have such a variety! They have anything from 4 bedroom apartments, two single bedroom townhouses. (4,3,2,1 bedroom apartments & 3,2,1 bedroom townhouses.) They just recently purchased the property and they are planning all kinds of reconstruction to things. When they get all finished it's going to be amazing apartments. It's mainly for the students of Miami U, but they have professors and regular families here too, which is really nice. They are even making some of the units here pet friendly!!! :) 

Well... thats really all I've got to chat about as of right now. Maybe later I'll talk more about this cute town. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I had plans for today...

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this. But I got up this morning, fully thinking that I would: 

Go to class. 
Work at the hospital. 
Tan after hospital. 
Work out. 

The only thing out of that list that actually happened was working at the hospital. After working about an hour over what I was supposed to, I was exhausted, and never went tanning or went to work out. I feel bad, but, at the same time, I did so much at the hospital today that I feel like I did a "mini" work out. I was walking ALL over the place. It was crazy. But I love it. 

So, since I'm completely exhausted, I'm going to go ahead and just completely relax in the apartment. I have 6 shows to watch today/tonight. One of them is already down, The Young & The Restless (Gotta love soap operas). And I'm watching The Talk as I type... so that leaves Dr. Oz, Teen Mom 2, V, and My Life As Lizz. Love those shows. Other than watching those shows, I have nothing else to do. I decided to bring home myself some Subway because the boy's out working until after 9pm. 

Ugh, there is one thing bothering me. My nose. The skin is all completely dried up and it's driving me crazy. I had been blowing my nose 24/7 yesterday and the day before, so it's been blown raw. And so now, I have to deal with this horrible looking skin on my nose... any ideas besides lotion & vasaline on how to get rid of it? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I feel like I'm drowning in LAUNDRY! I hope I'm not the only one that feels that way occasionally. It's crazy. I've done 4 loads already, and then I have like 2 or possibly 3 more to do! I have a feeling I wait entirely too long to do laundry, which also means I probably have way to many closes. But who has enough clothes? Really? No one. 

At least, I don't think anyone can have too many clothes, or shoes for that matter. :)

Well, looks like I'm going to get back to laundry! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lutheran Hospital, Horrible Weather & One Sick Pup

Well, I guess since I have some spare time I'll go ahead and update and clue in on the Lutheran Hospital stuff I keep mentioning. Right now I'm in a Psychology Field Experience class, and a requirement of that class is to have a 6 month, or 120 hours of Volunteer Experience, also known as an internship. So, I chose the children's section of the Lutheran Hospital. I haven't gotten to start anything yet because in order to start one has to have a drug screening, go through an orientation, and then also have two TB tests done, resulting in both negative responses. So... when I was about 3 years old I had a TB test done, and it was negative... thank goodness it counts cause I'm not the kind of person that likes shots. So, I only have to have 1 shot done, which was done last Friday, and I got it read today. Negative! Big surprise! lol So now, I just have to wait to hear back from the Children's Section of the hospital so I can start volunteering. :) 

Other then that, I definitely skipped all my classes today. I know, bad girl. But! The weather was absolutely horrible. I couldn't go over 25-30mph the whole time I was out on the roads. Including the highways. Therefore, instead of heading to finish my last 2 classes after going to the hospital, I just went straight home..... 
To a dog that is sick. Poor Jacob Marley. 

Left Leah home and took Jake to the vet today as well (yes, in this HORRID weather). Apparently he's got a throat infection, which causes dogs gag reflex's to spike, which explains the vomiting that has  been going on everyday for about a week now. The vet gave us 7 days worth of pills, 2 every 12 hours. Hopefully it helps, cause I feel so bad for the poor guy, even though he acts completely fine. 

So one sick dog, one well dog, two well humans, and a winter white storm happening outside. What more could I ask for on a Monday?

.Free As A Weed. 

Icey As *%&$!!!

I cannot believe how horrible it is outside here. We've had a week of amazing weather. Enough to melt the 90 bazillion layers of snow we had stacked up everywhere.... and now? Whats all over the ground? Sheets of ICE. Oh yeah... ice. My car's very best friend... Not.

Let me introduce you to my vehicle. I drive a Beetle Bug, aka, worst bad weather car EVER. At least thats how it is for muah. Anywho, I go outside my apartment this morning to a thick sheet of ice over the entire thing. Of course, it's at its thickest on my front windshield. Not the side windows or the back, the front. The main freaking window. Neither one of my plastic scrappers work on my front window, just the not so thick sides of ice. So, what do I have left to do? Go back inside and wait as my poor little bug sits outside, warming itself up alone. My bug and I have a very love hate relationship. Well, it's been about 20 minutes, and it looks like I'm going to go out and check how it's working out, the ice melting that is.

If all works out, I'll be heading to the Lutheran Hospital to get my TB test checked, then off to class, since I'm missing my first one. Again, I promise, Lutheran Hospital information will be my next post, since I keep mentioning it randomly.

Good luck to all those out there in horrible weather.
I know how it feels.

.Free as a Weed.

Blog? I think so.

My first blog. I don't feel like it's anything to boast about, but I am interested in how it is going to turn out. Will I continue to post day by day? Week by week? Or even at least once a month? I'm pretty good at keeping up with things on the regular, but I know I also have a busy life with school, family, and my two dogs that seek attention every second of every minute.

So what do I write about? My life? Of course. My life...

School. School consumes my life, even though I'm only there for a few hours a day, 5 days a week. I'm a Psychology Major, and I'm very anxious to graduate with my diploma. I'm probably in school for about 13 hours a week, which in all reality is not much at all. But it's enough work to keep me busy.

I also have a boyfriend. Name, Samuel Wayne. He's like my twin, but in male form, which makes getting along amazing. We've been together for over 8 months now, and I don't see anything changing soon. Speaking of him, I've just been bomb-barded with flashes. He's a big fan of photography, even though I'm not the biggest fan of being in pictures. I'm one of the pickest picture takers ever. And I've taken the camera over and deleted every single picture, except of the one of Jacob. My face does not need to be seen by the public at 12:30am, without make up, and without my hair done. It's a frizzy mess right now.

I know I've mentioned one of my dogs already, but I have two. The other one is Leah. She's my baby girl, even though half the time I want to ring her neck because she's still a puppy and hyper like crazy. She's only around 8 months, we don't know for sure since we adopted her. We have actually adopted both of our dogs, Jake & Leah. At first, I didn't really "want" Jake. He was Sam's favorite. We were walking through, just seeing what they had in the shelter, and Sam fell in love with him. Jay was in the "Adult" kennels, since he was estimated to be about 2 years old already. After we adopted him the next day, Sam informed me that the particular shelter we had gone to, kills off their animals that stay there too long. I couldn't believe it. I was so glad we had adopted Jacob, because it was obvious he wasn't the favorite in the kennels he was in. There were 4 other dogs with him, and everyone that had gone through along with us, either went straight to the puppies or over to the other adult dogs. Poor Jacob was on his own, until we came around. He very quickly gained a special spot in my heart, and I'll always love him, along with his crazy hyper tiny sister. I would 100% recommend adoption over spending an extreme amount of money on a pet, if you can.

And as I mentioned earlier, it's pretty late here. I know I haven't written that much, but I'm ready for bed. Plus, I have classes in the morning, along with getting the resuts of my TB test at Lutheran Hospital. I'll clue you in later about all that stuff, it's all good, and all for school.

Goodnight from myself and the pups.

.Free As A Weed.