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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monkey Cake.

Basically, it comes down to this. Monkey Cake. 

Earlier this morning I woke up, grabbed my phone, and strolled Facebook. I do this every morning before I get out of bed. Helps me wake up. I don't know why, but after creeping on my friends and family through my news feed, I'm wide awake to start my day. Well this morning, something special popped up. One of my Aunts had posted a picture of Monkey Cake, which my Grandmother used to make all the time. Seeing this definitely made me hungry for it, so the first thing I did (after of course using the facilities and taking my allergy medicine for the day) was walk into the kitchen and pull everything out to make it! (I could remember making this in early mornings with my Mother and my Grandmother. As I made it the memories definitely came floating in, which I love.)

I whipped out my Bundt Pan and sprayed it down with non-stick spray, greased that baby right up. Then I pulled my biscuits out of the fridge. I braved up for the next part of unwrapping the paper and having it pop in my own hands. Always makes me jump and I typically make Sam do it, but this time I was making this as a surprise so I suffered through it on my own. After popping them open I grabbed my bag of sugar and cinnamon mixture and started cutting the biscuits in quarters, dropping them into the bag to be shook around until there was a generous amount of the sugary mixture coating the biscuit pieces. (I typically only throw in 8 pieces at a time to get evenly coated = two biscuits cut up.) After throwing those into the bundt pan and then repeating the process until they were all done, I pulled out a small sauce pot and plopped it on our stove top.  turned it up on high and once my sugar & butter were melted, I poured the mixture all over the top of my biscuits in the bundt pan. For about 45 minutes I had to wait for that yummy dish to come out of the oven, but once it did it was glorious. Luckily, our large plate was clean so I could immediately turn it over and lift off the metal bundt pan from the blue serving plate, leaving the sugary Monkey Cake ready for eating. (I wouldn't advise eating it right away, it's quite hot.) 

I did have some extra icing from some cinnamon rolls in our fridge so I pulled that out to drizzle on top, but if you don't want to add anymore sugar then there already is inside the dessert/breakfast then you can leave it out. 

I'll add in the specific recipe so you can enjoy this amazing Monkey Cake too! 

Enjoy, and happy baking! (: