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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mac Book Air.

Whoa. Just... whoa. 

Today I switched over to Mac from PC. And it's quite interesting to learn. When I was about 13 I had my Mom's old Mac Laptop that was an old work computer of hers... lets just say if you saw it now you wouldn't know what it was. Anyway, I haven't had a Mac since, it's been all about the PC and I've thoroughly enjoyed them. There was no major reason for switching, other then getting a really great deal. 

Right now this Air was on sale at one of the local big box places in my town, and on top of it being on sale since I am a student I also received $100 off instantly.... big plus in my opinion! My wallet was happy with that. Not to mention I'm going to be starting my internship at the end of the month and I was really wanting something MUCH lighter then the huge 17" laptop that I was carrying around that I had received as a graduation present from High School. That reliable lady still works, which is coming in handy for saving all my bookmarked pages and transferring over all my pictures.

On top of trying to switch everything over I'm also debating whether or not to start on my "homework" that is due... tomorrow. But, all else fails and I don't get to it tonight I can just work on it tomorrow during the day before I head to class. Yay for night classes! 

Sorry about this pathetic little update. Once I've got everything caught up and transferred over I'm going to have to make a much longer update about my life. Nothing major has happened thus far, which can either be good or bad. 

One update, this past weekend my mother and I went to a family wedding. My cousin Molly got married, big shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Veenhoven. (I hope I spelled that right.) It was a beautiful ceremony and both bride and groom looked so happy the entire time. It was great. :) 

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