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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First of many proud moments.... and a month old!

Last night was the first night since I've been home from being hospitalized that I was able to take care of Sebastian by myself. Did you read that?! I said, by myself! Alone! 

This is a huge deal for me, because I hate having to rely on help. Which is terrible and given my schooling I should know better. But I'm more of a helper. I like to do the helping, not get helped. I have that on my list of things I need to learn to accept. However, in the meantime I'm going to toot my own horn! 

Last night once Sam went to bed, I stayed up with Sebastian until he finally dozed off. This was around midnight. Then he slept for FOUR hours. Solid. I couldn't believe it. Mainly because the previous two nights were rough. He was fussy and just could NOT get comfortable. One minute he wanted his swaddler off, the next he wanted it on. He couldn't make up his poor little baby boy mind. And there was nothing we could do to comfort him.  Around 4am he was up again, which I was shocked that it had been four hours. So up I went, and after a change and bottle, we were rocking and singing back to sleep. He actually drifted off faster then expected which was great. Once he was down, I of course could not fall asleep unlike my son. About an hour later I finally drift off. So from around 5am to 9am I was able to get a few more hours in! Woo!!! Then we were up for the day! It was a successful night. And Sam got a good nights sleep to recoop from the two previous crappy nights. I'm sure his work will appreciate a happier worker. 

Hopefully it's not a fluke and it just continues on. With me getting sick, our night time rituals got all switched around. Sebastian is used to the pack n play to fall asleep in. Soon I'd like to get him transitioned back into his room and into his crib, but for now I know that's going to take some time. And after my ill spell, I know I have all the time in the world. :) 

And onto other news... I HAVE A MONTH OLD CHILD. 

I cannot believe Sebastian is a month old already. On September 20th, he turned one month. ONE MONTH. I swear, I was showing the positive test to Sam yesterday. This whole year has flown by and it's been crazy. Crazy wonderful. I can't get over my baby boy. He's the cutest thing in the world. He just is. *swoon* 

This has been another Wild Whisper, just for you...


  1. i had a friend named sebastian growing up so i always want to call your son Seba like we called Sebastian, lol. happy one month!!!!!

    1. He has so many names already! Except from his parents. lol One of his aunts calls him Bass. Friends call him J.W, and Bash. Family calls him S.J and Sebby Joe Wayne. lol

      Can't wait til he can vocalize what he wants. haha!