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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh wow.

Wow. So I definitely haven't had any time to do any blog posting. I feel horrible... not really. I don't know how I could feel horrible about something that wasn't even crossing my mind, but back to the point. 

I haven't been able to post anything recently because I have been insanely busy. Not only have I started my classes back up, but I have also just got done moving, and starting a new job. We'll talk about my classes first. 

I am taking 6 classes this semester, and then probably 6 again next semester. This should be a busy and interesting year!!! My classes right now consist of: Anatomy & Physiology. Macroeconomics. Group Dynamics. Assessment in Psychology. Critical Inquiry. And Organizational Behavior. Like I said... this should be an interesting semester. 

Now, for work. I have started working at the Celebrations Party Outlet. It's not a lot of hours, between 15-20 hours per week, which is perfect for that shit-ton of school work I'll be having. 

And finally, moving. I definitely just moved into a MUCH better apartment. I used to live in Coliseum Park Apartments, and they were HORRIBLE!!! I seriously can not believe I wasted so much money there. That living situation was down right ridiculous. I will never ever recommend that place, let alone go there ever again! I love the place I am in now. For just over $100 more a month, we have almost double the square footage, and now a carport. Very nice. I'll probably only keep the carport during the winter months, Oct-Feb. Then give it up and save $15 a month. :) 

Well... that's all I can think about saying right now. Which is nice. Not a big posting. Oh, if you haven't tried Pinterest, you should. I just want to warn you, it is HIGHLY addictive. :)

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