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Friday, January 20, 2012

What's this I hear? Coughing? Bronchitis?

Looks like I have yet again become sick. I completely and utterly blame the airport that I was stuck in on my way home from Vegas. They had a delay because our brakes weren't working, so we had to sit there an additional 7 hours on top of the 2 hours that we already waited. I'm pretty sure everyone was pissed. 

Other then that mess, my doctor believes my body decided to have a upper respiratory infection that developed into Bronchitis. Oh yay. At least I'm on some meds for this, and oh how do I love the vaporub that I bought so I can breathe easier. So, what have I been up to? Sleep. I've been completely exhausted from being sick, and from traveling so much. Definitely looking forward to feeling better and getting back to work. I don't like being broke. It's quite horrible. 

I need a new job. A job that I can make a lot more money in then I do now. But isn't that how it usually goes?

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