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Saturday, January 7, 2012

School School School.

Oh boy, here we go again! Another semester that's probably going to end up kicking my ass. Hopefully things go better and yet just as good as last semester. I only had trouble with one class, which was amazing, so hopefully everything goes really well, and the part about getting better, maybe this semester I won't have any problems with ANY classes!!! That would be wonderful. 

My online classes started. I am taking Psychology of Communication & Medical Terminology. They seem like they are going to be pretty good and easy classes, which is always nice. The only problem I'm having so far is I'm missing the CDs that I need for my Medical Terminology class. As soon as I can pick those up I can go ahead and start doing all my homework and tests, which I don't really have any due yet, but I like to get some things done ahead of time, and I wouldn't mind getting everything done ahead of time for this class for the next week since I'm not really going to have a bunch of time to get anything done.... cause I'm going to be in Vegas babyy!!! 

Oh yeah, now I can explain my Vegas trip. It's rolling up to my 21st birthday and my mother decided she wants to continue her amazingness and take herself and myself to Vegas to bring in a new chapter of my life. I am beyond excited if you haven't been able to tell yet. I'm heading down to Oxford on the 11th that way we can get a head start driving up to Toledo for our flight. On Wednesday we're supposed to leave for Vegas at 3:25pm out of Detroit, so we're heading to my Aunt who lives in Toledo who said she'd drive us to the Detroit airport that way I didn't have to leave  my new car at the airport. (: 
Then we're going to be spending the next few days at MGM Grand in Vegas. The hotel looks absolutely amazing! We'll arrive on the 12th, spend that first day walking around and checking everything out before we start to party it up on my birthday on the 13th!! It's going to be fabulous. We'll be heading home on the 15th in the early afternoon and won't arrive back in Detroit until after 9pm because of the time difference, but thats okay. Then we'll head back to Oxford and I'll spend the night there, then head back home on the 17th. I'm definitely going to be taking TONS of pictures!! 

I'll have to update either there, or when I get back. I have to take one test while I am there, which is a huge bummer, but oh well. That shouldn't be too hard. I'll have to take my laptop and notes, but that's not too bad. I'll be prepared and hopefully ace the test. Then, I'll go back to having lots and lots of fun!!! 

Once I get back, I'll be heading back to my old routine. School... school... and more school. Oh boy.

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