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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Introducing... Mrs. Ashley N. Hicks!

Well it's official! I'm a married woman now! June 15th, 2013 I married my best friend. It was perfect... so I thought after the fact! 

Of course the morning started off good. My Maid of Honor, Elizabeth, got dropped off at my house to ride to Ohio with my mother, sister and I. We all got everything loaded and then started on our way to the hair salon... however, we had to turn around twice!!! The first time I forgot something, I can't remember what. And then we get to the same spot on our way and I have to turn around because I forgot the tie I was supposed to bring for one of my cousins. So, at that point, it was starting to get rocky. Once I hopped back in the car though, we were good and we didn't have to turn around again! We all got to the hair salon and everything started going smoothly.

After everyone was done we got on our way to the church to finish dressing in the basement. Now, we arrive and it's HOT in the basement. Luckily, there were two fans down there that we could plug in and stand next to, because, I was starting to get nervous. Nervous = sweat. The girls and my mother get in their dresses and I'm standing there waiting for help, knowing it's going to take at least 45 minutes to get in my dress because I have a complicated corset back. Well, the clock shows I have 20 minutes until we're supposed to start so I scream at my Mom to get out and help me and I FINALLY get into my dress and all set, a minute before I'm supposed to walk down the isle. I was panicked because we were cutting it pretty close.. even though I knew they wouldn't have started without the bride. I was rushing myself so much that even though I put deodorant on, I forgot to spray myself with body spray! Samuel made a point while we were kneeling by the alter to let me know I forgot... Such a nice husband, right? Haha. 

The wedding went pretty smoothly. Samuel and I only made one mistake. We almost walked to our seats instead of where we were supposed to go which was standing down at the end of the isle. Thankfully Father coughed and pointed with his eyes to where we needed to go. Other then that, everything went smoothly! We said our vows without any mistakes, and our rings were perfect. 

We all head down the isle and walk outside to hop in the limo and drive around the block... annnd the limo isn't here. They're running LATE. In fact, a half hour late. So, instead of driving around a little bit we head back into the church once some of the people leave and start taking portraits. After a half hour of portraits the limo finally arrives and everyone gets in only to realize the air conditioning doesn't work... and then we find out the radio doesn't work. It was pretty tragic. The driver wasn't very nice either. After driving back to Indiana through the rain... we make a few stops and arrive back at the reception hall. The rain let up thankfully so we could get out and wait outside in the cool air until we could make our grand entrance. 

The limo driver takes off, and everyone that was in the front of the limo lets me know he was chewing and spitting out the window and talking/messing with his cell phone the whole time. I was furious, but since he was gone I just set it in the back of my mind to call the limo place Monday with my complaints and demand my money back. That was ridiculous.

Our DJ comes out to greet us as we're getting out of the limo and boy did he cause the girls in the limo do babble! Lets just say... "Hello Guido!" However, it turns out he was a really great guy. He was actually related to me, distantly. It was great. He took control of everything! He introduced us to the music we picked and we went to our seats. The dinner buffet was running late and he got them running out and filling the food up. Once the party started we realized how hot it was, but there was nothing that could be done about it. We watched as the employees working turned the air to 64 but it just couldn't keep up with all our hot bodies so we had them open up the back doors for some fresh air, which really helped. 

The reception was such a blast! The food was amazing, and the people were great. The music was perfect and the dance floor was constantly full!! Sam and I even got our first dance to Beauty and the Beast. It couldn't have been any better. By the end of the night, we all didn't want it to end! The DJ didn't want to stop playing either! He snuck in 3 extra songs while he was tearing down all his lights. He was seriously the best DJ I've ever seen.

Now to open the gifts and enjoy married lift... it's all down hill from here right? :) 

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