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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's almost time!

Well, last time I updated this poor blog was waaaay back in April when I announced that I had graduated from school and Sam and I were pregnant! *queue the cheering* 

Now for the update: still pregnant! *queue more cheering* 

Yesterday I hit the 38 week mark, so it's definitely getting down to the wire. In fact, I'm having a little contraction as I type. (Whoa right!?) Don't worry, they aren't too regulated yet. Not to the point where I'm called Sam and saying, "IT'S TIME!" 

It's to the point though where we are so excited for this little man's arrival that he could come a little early and we'd be COMPLETELY okay with that. Like, totally okay. I have an appointment to get an ultrasound to check his size tomorrow, that should be interesting. About a month ago around 34 weeks I had what they call a 'growth' scan to see how far he's progressing and Sebastian was 6lbs 6oz, estimated. They did warn it's just a guess and could be up to a lb off, in either direction. (I'm hoping for the lesser direction!)

Oh, I just realized. I said his name, without a formal introduction. :) Let me introduce you to Sebastian Joseph Wayne. 

Now that that has been done, I can talk more about him. At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Not a huge deal, I had honestly been expecting. With a few diet changes and the help of some medicine, it's completely controlled. Which has been a relief. Anyway, back to where I was earlier. Growth scans. We're having our last one, I'm guessing last since I'm 38 weeks, tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs crossed that he isn't over 8lbs. I have a feeling if he is, they'll want to induce. Which... I wouldn't quite be so objective too as long as he's measuring larger because then even if they are wrong they shouldn't be off by too much.
With my size, and how much this boy has been sticking his butt out, I know he's not going to be a small one. And with how active he's been... crazy thing probably has a crazy amount of muscles. 

Sebastian seriously moves ALL THE TIME. Which, has been a love/hate thing. Love knowing he's moving and okay. Hate feeling like a punching bag. Ha! But... seriously. I can't wait to fall asleep on my stomach again. It's going to feel like heaven. I just know it.

What else has been going on? Eh, nothing. I joined an awesome Mommy's co-op online. The ladies are AWESOME and so nice. Not to mention they really can snag some awesome deals. We're planning on cloth diapering, at least after he gets out of his newborn disposables and when we're at home, since I'm staying at home for a little while. Save up some money and they are just too stinking cute! We'll see how it goes. :)

Well, not sure what else to update on this time around. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a food blog, I haven't done one of those for a while, especially since we're trying something new tonight.

This has been another Wild Whisper, just for you.


  1. The cloth diapers really are too cute, the baby butts look so cute int hem lol. We did not CD but i still look at them every time i go to buy buy baby lol.

    1. Maybe you should get a couple and see how they work! :) lol