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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lutheran Hospital, Horrible Weather & One Sick Pup

Well, I guess since I have some spare time I'll go ahead and update and clue in on the Lutheran Hospital stuff I keep mentioning. Right now I'm in a Psychology Field Experience class, and a requirement of that class is to have a 6 month, or 120 hours of Volunteer Experience, also known as an internship. So, I chose the children's section of the Lutheran Hospital. I haven't gotten to start anything yet because in order to start one has to have a drug screening, go through an orientation, and then also have two TB tests done, resulting in both negative responses. So... when I was about 3 years old I had a TB test done, and it was negative... thank goodness it counts cause I'm not the kind of person that likes shots. So, I only have to have 1 shot done, which was done last Friday, and I got it read today. Negative! Big surprise! lol So now, I just have to wait to hear back from the Children's Section of the hospital so I can start volunteering. :) 

Other then that, I definitely skipped all my classes today. I know, bad girl. But! The weather was absolutely horrible. I couldn't go over 25-30mph the whole time I was out on the roads. Including the highways. Therefore, instead of heading to finish my last 2 classes after going to the hospital, I just went straight home..... 
To a dog that is sick. Poor Jacob Marley. 

Left Leah home and took Jake to the vet today as well (yes, in this HORRID weather). Apparently he's got a throat infection, which causes dogs gag reflex's to spike, which explains the vomiting that has  been going on everyday for about a week now. The vet gave us 7 days worth of pills, 2 every 12 hours. Hopefully it helps, cause I feel so bad for the poor guy, even though he acts completely fine. 

So one sick dog, one well dog, two well humans, and a winter white storm happening outside. What more could I ask for on a Monday?

.Free As A Weed. 

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