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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New. New. New.

Well, I know I haven't been posting but that's because I've been pretty busy. Along with working at the Party Store, going to school full time, I've been pretty busy. I've reconnected with one of my cousins, and that's absolutely amazing. I've also colored my hair. Well, bleached it. It's pretty blonde now, and I'm finally used to it. I got it colored a couple weeks ago. I really enjoy it. I'm so happy I got it done. :) 

Other then that, I've started two new online classes, after finishing two of them and getting two A's. YAY! I'm glad those went well because it allowed me take sign up for more online classes for next semester. And even though those are short and very condensed, I enjoy them better then having them all prolonged and across town. :) 

I have also started watching my old shows that have come back on!! Desperate Housewives is one of them, but unfortunately this is its last season, which saddens me. Jersey shore is almost over with, that's a little bitter sweet. Private Practice & Grey's started back up, which I am very excited about, along with Big Bang! Other then those, I've started watching some new ones. 2 Broke Girls, Up All Night, and Walking Dead. I believe those are my only new shows. Of course I'm still watching House and SVU and all my other shows. I love my DVR. Because without it, watching these shows would probably not be possible. :)

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