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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What do I do now?

Well, postponed waking up on time this morning. I know 10:30am isn't THAT early but it sure felt early for some reason this morning. And I knew that I worked at noon and I had to get a shower in and something in my stomach before working four hours. Well... I definitely hit snooze and ended up sleeping until 11am. Then, I hit snooze again to which Samuel proceeded to tell me to get up because I had to get ready for work. He was being just as lazy as I was, half asleep on his side of the bed. I sighed and got up, and of course, the first thing I do is check my phone. I had a missed call, voicemail, 2 text messages, and 15 app updates. (Which I constantly ignore because my phone doesn't have enough memory to update any of my apps. I hate my phone.) I check my voicemail, and what is probably the most heavenly words I could hear at that tiring moment? Work. They were soooo slow that they didn't need me to come in and work today. 

Perfect right?! But then guess what? I was fully and completely awake. I couldn't have fallen back asleep even if I had wanted too... perfect. Oh well, so I got up and now what do I do? I clean, that's what I do. Now the apartment once again looks amazing. Samuel and I got to work fixing up the living and dining room since everything was covered in all my craft stuff. 

I couldn't finish what I WANTED to accomplish by Christmas, which was 4 shag rugs made out of t-shirts. (Once that is finished I will definitely post a picture, because it looks amazing halfway done.) So, I moved onto Refrigerator Magnets. I saw someone else do it online and I thought that it looked pretty good and that I could definitely do it myself. So, I did. What do you think? These are for my Grandpa Joe. He's pretty into flags, I blame it on the Navy and his honorable dedication to our country. (: 

I don't think they look too bad! Very simple. I just took clothespins, attached a decorative top. Glued on some beads and then slipped a magnet on the back. Then waaaahlaaah, refrigerator magnets. (:

Sooo, now I don't know what to do with the rest of my day. It's almost 3:30pm and I still have the rest of my day to do something! We'll see what happens. (: 

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