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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't burn yourself between your toes. It hurts.

Best idea I've ever had. Ready for this? 

Take one step way to far by a rack straight out of the oven, leaning against some cupboards on the ground. Go ahead, feel it slide in between your second & third toe, instantly blistering it. It's truly an amazing feeling. 


This however did happen to me. I was baking a cake. (Samuel's request.) After it was done, I needed to put my roast in the oven, so I needed to take the top shelf out, or else it wouldn't have fit. I pull it out, without hurting myself one bit. I don't have any available counter space because my kitchen (If you can even call it that.) is basically the size of a normal bathroom. So, I decide to lean it on the ground against one of my cabinets, thinking that it would be the best place for it. The only thing I was worried about it being down there, was in case the dogs accidentally came up to it and burnt themselves. I rationalized that with, "They'll learn their lesson if they do." Well, guess who learned their lesson? And it's not the dogs. 
I go to throw something away, and I take one step too many, letting the side of the rack slide right between my second and third toe. Complete and utter pain. I had never felt anything like that before in my life. Instantly I pull my foot away. I have no idea what to do, so I kind of just stand there for a second, regaining my thought process. It disappears when sudden pain throbs through ones body. I then limp my way to the bathroom, Samuel and Tyler completely oblivious to my condition as they continue their combat game on the Wii. I make it to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and check out my foot. The biggest blisters I've ever seen in my life. I have NO idea what to do, so I just let it go, and go finish putting dinner in the oven to cook. Obviously, I can push pain away, which I had no idea I could do. 
The rest of the evening consisted of horrible pain shooting up my foot from the burn. I eventually put one of Samuels flip flops on, because the carpet was poking it, and that was making it so much worse. My friend Christina who ended up coming over checked it out (medical background) and told me to cut it. I couldn't bare to do that with everyone there, even though I knew it wouldn't hurt, the skin was already dead. I just didn't want the attention. Once Tyler and Christina left, I eventually cut it and got all the sticky nasty liquid out. I couldn't wait for it to heal. 

Well it's day 3 and it's finally getting hard. It is now more sore then ever, and I'm just tired of it hurting. I get shocks of pain if I bend my toes at all, which sucks, because I have realized I tend to bend my toes a lot. So now, I still wait, wait for the pain to be over. And for all of you who have yet to understand how this could happen... I have no freaking idea either. But wasn't it a great idea?! :(

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