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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Italian Connections Restaurant.

So, todays horrible experience? Samuel and I decided to visit Italian Connections, off Taylor Street. It looks quaint online, but it was horrible. Oh, and you have to make a reservation in order to eat there, really? Yes.

Walking in you basically interrupt a couples dinner, because you walk into their eating space. And then, while you stand their awkwardly waiting for a hostess, you finally feel the heat. The complete lack of air conditioning in 94 degree weather. Once you get seated, you get to observe your surroundings, and taste the complimentary bread & garlic butter. I swear there were a million pictures around us. They coated the walls, all the way down to the tops of the tables, which there were only 5 tables in the little room we were in. I'm sure there were more in the other room. As we were looking around, we noticed the obscene amount of Christmas lights all over. Red, green, & white lights. Everywhere. Those were basically the only lights lighting up the room. They needed so much more lighting. It was ridiculous. Also, we dinned with the Virgin Mary. I'm a Catholic, and religious, but that still doesn't mean I'd like to dine in a restaurant with her watching over me eating... 

So, after almost getting up and leaving, we decided to just give it a try, at least once. Hopefully the food would be better than our surroundings and lack of air. The pricing of the food didn't look too bad, especially the appetizer, it was only $5. For Hot Artichoke Dip too. So, we ordered that, expecting to get the normal sized dish. About 10 minutes later, and a basket of bread later, we get this tiny little dish. You know those plates that you put under teacups? Yeah, the bowl was smaller then one of those. Not to mention covered in a crazy amount of olive oil (which is already not my favorite). After trying that, we were completely downing our waters and pop. It was incredibly spicey. We're thinking way too much olive oil and rosemary, amongst other things. After that is finished, we're telling each other that we really hope the main dishes are good, and the salad that comes before hand. 

We get our salad next. Oh and what a salad. It's the same size dish as the appetizer. We didn't get a choice of dressing, it only came with the house dressing, which I couldn't even finish because it left the worst after taste in my mouth. Samuel was starving so he had no problem downing both salads. Along with another full class of lemonade. After the salads finally came our main dishes. Samuel ordered Chicken Parmigiana and I ordered Fettuccine Primavera. His looked pretty good, with one of those small bowls full of pasta with red sauce. No sauce on his breaded lightly cheesed chicken though. And mine... well mine was a complete shock. I was informed that there would be broccoli, asparagus, green and yellow zucchini, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and mushrooms. And that I could easily pull off whatever I didn't want since they would be sitting on top. Well they were NOT joking about those veggies sitting on top. My plate looked as such: A bed of fettuccine pasta covered in what looked like alfredo, and on top of that in no particular order was 1/3 a green pepper (raw), 1 slice of tomato (raw), 1 slice of onion (raw), 1 big chunk of broccoli (raw) 4 tiny mushrooms (raw), 1 extremely small slice of green & yellow zucchini (raw). Did I mention all the veggies were RAW?!

It took me about 5 minutes to cut up all the veggies before I could even eat a bite. Our waitress finally came over to ask us how it was, and I hadn't even gotten to try mine yet. I had pulled off the mushrooms (normally I wouldn't since it was such a small portion of everything to begin with, but they looked old and gross), and started cutting up the rest of the veggies with a horrible knife when she popped over and asked. She just laughed like it was no big deal and walked away. After I finally got everything chopped up, I asked Samuel how his meal was, and he said it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't very great. (Which gave me real hope for mine.) Oh, keep in mind, I had already been warned that the Alfredo sauce was shit. So, I took a bit, slowly, unwillingly. It was exactly how I had been warned. There was absolutely no flavor to my pasta, other than the raw veggies. I had never ever tasted an Alfredo sauce in my life that contained absolutely no flavor. It was definitely not what I expected after having that horribly spicey appetizer. 

We ate everything since we were completely starving, and didn't want to just get up and go somewhere else. (Which probably would have been a better choice at this point.) So we stayed, waited for the check, which took like 20 minutes to even get. Our waitress really wanted us to have a dessert, but we didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount for like 1/3 scoop of ice cream. Especially when we had ice cream at home, and we don't have to pay to get that out of our freezer. Anywho, we get out check, and pull out our coupon (which is the ONLY reason we even went there). We had a coupon for buy 1 entree, get the second one free. Nice coupon right?! Wrong. The bill before the coupon ended up being 41.06. $2 for drinks (we both had 1) $5 app, $14 Samuel's meal, $15 my meal. Somehow, that equaled 41.06 after tax. So, Samuel gives her his card & the coupon. She comes back, with a charge to his card of $35.66. Which is obviously not taking Samuels meal off the bill. We both look at our waitress like something is very wrong, to which she instantly replies, "Oh, if something looks wrong it's not. Our machines automatically add in the tip for you, so you don't have to leave one." Samuel just says okay, making the waitress leave. I whip out my cell phone and click on my calculator app. We left that horrible waitress, who was always making us wait for bread or something to drink, an $8.60 tip. And there was nothing we could do about it! 

All in all, horrible place to eat, and they pretty much rob you. You pay an expensive amount for a tasteless tiny meal. Not to mention, you don't get to choose how much you tip. No air conditioning, and you feel like your in some strangers home surrounded by pictures of their families, from all the way back to the 1800s. Not only would I not recommend it, I feel like I should call Gordon Ramsey to come fix that place completely and show their chef how to cook with FLAVOR! I'd give this restaurant a rating of 0 stars out of 5. Please, don't go there. Just dine at one of the amazing Casa Restaurants in Fort Wayne. You pay the same amount, get much better service, and get three times as much food. Casa is always a better choice when it comes to Italian food. Either Casa, or Olive Garden. 


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