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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Santa, no! I said snack time!

So I thought tonight, since I really didn't have anything to complain about and nothing on my mind worth talking about... I'd share some of Samuel and I's relationship. We have a love hate relationship sometimes, but most of the time it's all love. We also talk to each other like brother and sister. I swear we were married in another life, which is why we are so close to each other after only 1 year of dating. Here's a prime example and the main reason for this blog. Conversation as is: 

Samuel: (In a high pitched just soft girly voice.) Saaannnntaaaa. 
Me: Santa? What the hell. Why did you just say Santa?
Samuel: No not Santa! Snack time!!! 
Me: I really thought you just said Santa.
Samuel: (In that same girly voice.) Why are you taking all the Christmas decorations Santa?! 
Me: Oh my God. You did NOT just quote the Grinch. You are ridiculous.
Me: Why did you quote the Grinch?!
Samuel: Because you said Santa!
Me: I only said Santa because thats what I thought you said to me!!!


Samuel: I'll keep doing it. 
Me: Please don't. 
Samuel: Okay. 

In other words, thank God I love this man. Because that was ridiculous. Also, *enunciation is the murderer of relationships and conversations*. Samuel's making rice crispy treats now, because I told him to. (And he wanted to I guess.)

*Thank you Sharon for enlightening me with this quote. (: 

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