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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks at IPFW.

Well, they weren't all that, but it was definitely something nice to do to get out of this horribly small apartment! The evening started off around 6:30pm when Christina popped over, followed by Tyler a little while later. I got all the hot dogs started on the George Foreman while everyone watched a "Your Backyard Goes Disney" one of my new favorite shows. Probably because I'm obsessed with Disney. But anyway, I got all the hot dogs done within 10 minutes, wrapping them up in aluminum foil and sticking them in a lunch bag so they stayed hot/warm. 

We got to IPFW around 7:30, chowed down on hot dogs, chips, and watermelon that I previously chopped up a few hours before everyone came over. By the time we all got done chatting and eating, Christina's brother Alexander showed up in time to chow down and watch the 4 of us play a game of Cranium. One of the best games ever to play, as long as you don't have someone who is a super sore loser (Samuel). He acted way out of line today, pissed myself and Christina off (the winners) but oh well, I'll get over it. I just won't ever let him get over it. (: 

Fireworks started, pathetically, but then they ended pretty well. The company was definitely better than the actual fireworks, but like I said earlier, it was just nice to get out and do something for a change. I'm usually cooped up in this apartment, especially since I don't have a job anymore. 

I have a pretty busy week ahead of me, which excited me soo much! I'm heading out to Indiana Tech to meet up with some people to hopefully get my online classes set up, like I'm sure I've mentioned in previous blogs, and then I'm meeting up with Christina (same place) to do some web searching and just hanging out. Then when I get home, I'll probably be joining Samuel & Tyler for Wii games & dinner, which doesn't bother me at all considering Tyler will be our new roommate next year, I'll be seeing him a lot. (: 

Wednesday, I don't really have any plans, we'll see what happens. But then Thursday, ohhh Thursday!!! I'm getting my hair cut and colored, and I am beyond excited for it. I cannot wait to have this long hair cut, and lighter. It's basically black, the darkest brown ever... and the sun definitely hates it, because my head gets so hot when I'm out in the sun. So, going blonder and less short, hopefully helping the heat to go after someone else's  head instead of mine for a while. For the rest of the week, I'm not sure. I guess I was just excited for tomorrow and Thursday this week. Maybe something else will pop up on another day that excites me. (:

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