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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day Everyone. (:

Couple things today...

Well, what am I doing today you ask? Basically nothing, but tonight, ohhh tonight there are plans. I'm having my friend Christina over tonight and Samuel's friend Tyler. We'll be grilling up hot dogs and then heading over to watch some fireworks at IPFW. I also cut up half a watermelon, which I have been craving like crazy. Watermelon is so good. (:

Any who, that should be fun. Especially after sitting at home and doing chores all day, plus a little bit of Sims 3. I know I'm 20, turning 21 and I should be over that stage in my life, but I really love it. I basically build up and furnish houses, and then abandon those people, which I guess is kind of humorous, but at least they have a stylish house? I used to want to be an interior designer so badly, but after not knowing if that would work or not, I went into Psychology, knowing that would most likely work better than Interior Design in the end, especially where I'm located in the US.

(This is going to be quite random, but who cares, since I'm watching this part of Titanic I would just love to say that Rose so could have moved over so Leo could have gotten on with her and not died. Geeez.)

And my second subject I wanted to touch base with, is True Blood. I don't know if you watch the show or not, but if you don't you definitely should! It's pretty sexual so I wouldn't advise letting anyone under the age of 16 watch it, and thats pushing it in my eyes (but we all know they're having sex anyway, thank you 16 & pregnant). Right now they are on their 4th season, and it hasn't started getting too great yet. Since it's only the 2nd episode of the season they are still in the process of revealing what everyone has done in the past year, catching everyone up to speed. We're all needing catching up because Sookie (The Main Lady) decided to see what her life would be like in a different land, a fairy land, since she had found out she was part fae. Well she's there for maybe a couple hours before finding out it's not such a great place and escaping with her grandfather (Thats a whole new subject. If anyone wants an explanation of that, comment and I'll explain.) Well she gets back and finds out that the fairyland vs earth has a huge time difference. Even though she had been there for only a few hours, if that, it had been just over a year on earth. Therefore, lots of things had happened and we all needed caught up. We're still catching up in the second episode, until about the very end, (SPOILER ALERT) when a group of witches decided to bring something else back from the dead (they previously brought a parrot back). This is when Eric runs in and says he heard they needed a dead body, and since he's a vampire, he is dead and there for service (when really he just was going to break the coven apart and make sure they never held a meeting again). Suddenly the main witch suddenly brings on a spell. Eric gets terrfied, and unable to move. Then finally he gets a chance to run away, where Sookie ends up driving up to him, asking him what he was doing since he was topless and walking strange. This is where we get a glimpse of what might have happened. Eric looks at Sookie, not knowing who she is, telling her she smells extremely well. 

The episode ends there, leaving us all yelling at the tv for it to continue because we really want to know what happens next since there was basically all catching up until the end, finally some good stuff! Oh well, thats how they keep people watching all season I guess, and the following seasons too. Like I said, if you haven't gotten to watch any True Blood, do it. It's beyond amazing. And, if you're big on sex, then you'll like it too. 

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