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Friday, July 1, 2011

Update Spectacular.

Other then family drama, my life has been pretty crappy recently. 

I started a new job towards the end of May. I was really excited about such job. I was working at my school, and it was a perfect office job. I was getting around with almost everyone I was working with, minus one receptionist. She had her good days, and she definitely had her bad. When I worked at her desk during her lunch breaks, I was warned not to move a single thing, cause she was more then a little OCD. Which, is like myself, so I just did what would make everything peaceful. Luckily I never got bitched at about her desk. Any who, I was sick for a whole week. Extremely stupid stomach bug or something. Throwing up everyday, multiple times a day, followed by diarrhea fits. (No, I was not and I am not pregnant.) That all started Sunday night, ending finally Friday evening. I called in everyday, I only got to talk to my actual boss once however. The other times I would get to the receptionist, and she would tell me that I was getting patched through to my boss, but then she'd hang up, or the phone would "accidentally" cut out. I would return the phone call, and the same thing would happen. Well, I figured I would just explain that to my boss when I was scheduled to come back to work on Tuesday, since I had Mondays off anyway. 
Tuesday rolls around and I walk into the office and my desk has been completely taken over, and replaced with a bunch of other things. I decide to leave my purse and bottle of water up towards the front while I go talk to my boss and formally apologize for being so sick randomly, wishing I wouldn't have been, cause who really wants to be sick? THAT sick nonetheless. Well, as soon as I walk around her cubicle she looks at me with this dumbfounded face. I started off by telling her how sorry I was for being sick, and right before I was about to go into how I tried calling but the receptionist had troubles patching me through to you and hopefully she told you I was still sick, I was cut off. She told me that I had obviously not gotten my letter yet, to which I was extremely confused, cause why would I be getting a letter from them? Well, turned out she had terminated my student help for the summer. They had found a way to do what I was doing without a student helper, and she was not informed from the receptionist that I was still sick. She had assumed I was just missing work to miss work, cause that would so be something I would do. (Stupid bitch.) I just looked at her like WTF? But I didn't say anything except, "Seriously?" To which she just looked at me and didn't answer. So I just shrugged and said "Okay, fine." And since she was looking at me like, "Please leave. You're bothering me." I turned around and decided to walk away. Surprisingly it took a lot of strength to not cry. Thankfully I was just upset enough to get more mad then cry. So I walked over to my old desk and preceded to get all my things out of it. I said goodbye to my friends, and they told me to please come back and visit. So obviously I wasn't leaving on a bad note, but I still felt like it was wrong of them. They could have at least called me the day before to let me know not to come in, waste my gas by driving 15-20 minutes out there. Oh well, now I don't have to worry about it.
Now I can just deal with my school work, and focus on getting into Graduate School. Miami University hopefully! :) 

Something else I've been trying to do is get into online classes. I attend Indiana Tech, and their online classes are so bizarre. They are in "sessions" and they only last a month, which seems rather ridiculous. They don't cost any extra, thank God, cause they are already a ridiculous amount. My school is so expensive, but I really like the small-town feel. So... in order to get into online classes my school has made it a full out challenge. I have to get my classes approved by 4 different people. My advisor (Check.), My dean (Just got a new one, starting tomorrow, I'm hoping she'll be okay with it.), The business office, and The Registrar's office (Where I was working, so they better freaking approve.). Hopefully, that won't take too long. I'll be going over tomorrow sometime to talk to the new Dean so she could possibly approve my 4 online classes. I feel so behind on my classes since I was sick for practically a whole semester, struggling with 4 classes, after I dropped 2. Which obviously killed my GPA. My advisor knows I'm a good student, which is why he signed off on an okay for online classes. My school requires their students to have at least a 3.0 total GPA, and also only take 2 online classes per session. I think thats a little ridiculous, but whatever, it's a private school and they can do whatever they want apparently. (Another thing that should be changed. It shouldn't be THAT hard to get into an online class.) 

But other then all that junk and drama... my life hasn't been too bad. My allergies are holding through this difficult season, which is my WORST. Hopefully these allergy shots eventually take away my allergies all together like they are supposed too! I haven't been on them long, maybe 6-7 months now. But still... thats a long time for having to have a shot, or multiple shots in each arm once a week. 

I'll be trying to update more, especially since I'll be having more time on my hands since I'm not working anymore. Maybe I'll throw in some reviews on movies/tv shows I end up watching. :)

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